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Top Hat - Top Hat Presentation Tool [UW-Madison]

This document details the Top Hat Presentation tool, which can be used to ask questions during a lecture, discussion, or presentation


The easiest and quickest way to use Top Hat in your classroom is to use Top Hat’s Presentation Tool. This tool allows you to ask Top Hat questions while presenting your course materials from Powerpoint (or any other presentation software).

Note: The Presentation Tool is best used to ask prepared questions and content you have already created in Top Hat. If you would like to use the Presentation Tool to ask “on the fly” questions, please see this document from Top Hat.

System Requirements

For the best experience using the Presentation Tool, please ensure that your computer's operating system is no older than:

  • Mac OS X High Sierra
  • Windows 8


Downloading the Presentation Tool

  1. Log into your Top Hat account and select the ? button in the top right-hand corner beside your name anywhere in the app. Then, select Presentation Tool.
    Note: Since the Presentation Tool is a desktop application, make sure you’re using the computer where you want to install the application before starting.
    Image shows menu available in corner of Top Hat screen. Can be opened by selecting the "?" button, and has following options: Help & Support, Live Chat, Phone Support (9AM-9PM EDT Monday-Friday), Give Feedback, and Presentation Tool.
  2. Once the download is complete and the application has been installed, the tool will appear on your desktop. If you do not see the icon on your desktop, search your Downloads folder. 
  3. Open the tool to complete setup.

Accessing the Presentation Tool

  1. To use the Top Hat Presentation Tool in class, launch the desktop application and log in using your account credentials. Select Single Sign-On (SSO) when you log in, and use your NetID credentials.
    Image shows Log in to Top Hat Screen, with School - University of Wisconsin - Madison - selected. Button titled "log in with school account" is presented.
  2. After signing in you will be presented with the maximized Presentation Tool featuring your dashboard of course content.
  3. To minimize the Presentation Tool, select the diagonal arrow in the upper-right corner. This shrinks the Presentation Tool window, and lets you drag it out of the way of your presentation. You can re-maximize the tool at any time by clicking the same diagonal arrow.
    Image of "minimize" button - a diagonal arrow.

Presenting a Question

  1. To launch a prepared question or discussion, select the maximize icon to view the expanded presentation tool with your list of course content. 
  2. Next, select the title of the content item you want to launch, and the blue Present button.
    Image shows "present" button, which is a blue button with the text "present".
  3. The selected question will maximize on your screen, ready for students to submit responses.
  4. When you’d like to close the question to further responses, select the pause button in the lower center of the question screen to disable submissions.
    1. Alongside the pause button, there are several options to show student responses, and a button to display the correct answer to the question.
      Image of pause button and surrounding options
  5. To move on to the next question, click on the right arrow to advance.
    Image shows arrows used to advance questions
    1. Alternatively, select Close Item in the upper left-hand corner to return to the expanded Presentation Tool, where you can select another question,or:
    2. Minimize the Presentation Tool and continue with your presentation.

Taking Attendance

You can also take attendance with the Presentation Tool at any time during your class:

  1. Select the raised hand button, next to the maximize/minimize arrow.
    Raised Hand icon, used for attendance
  2. The Presentation Tool will display a 4-digit attendance code, which students must submit to have their attendance recorded. 
  3. You can monitor student attendance on the right-hand side of the window.
  4. When you are ready to finish the attendance session, select Close Attendance.
    Image of attendance screen with "Close Attendance" selected.

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