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D2L - Regrading Quizzes (UW-Madison)

UW-Madison has adopted Canvas as the single, centrally supported learning management system. Access to D2L and Moodle permanently ended on June 1, 2018.

This is a legacy document which will be permanently removed from the UW-Madison KB space as of June 29, 2018.

The method of quiz regrading depends on whether you need to regrade an individual student's attempt or whether you need to regrade the attempts of all the students enrolled in the course.

In both cases, begin by clicking the downward arrow next to the quiz name and choose Grade from the dropdown menu.


Regrading an Individual Student's Attempt

If you need to regrade an individual student's attempt for any reason
  1. Locate the name of the student whose quiz you want to regrade in the Grade Quiz view then click on the attempt you want to regrade under that student's name. Make any changes to the point values in each individual question, the quiz will automatically recalculate the grade for you.  After you are done making changes click on the Save button.  (Note: Recalculate changes the overall score the student receives for the quiz based on the point value changes you make in the individual questions.  If you attempt to change the overall score for the quiz without changing the point values for individual questions you will prompt a warning box noting that the final score does not equal the calculated grade.)
  2. When finished, click on Save or Save and Close in the Grade Quiz view.

Regrading a Quiz For All Students Enrolled in the Course

In the case where a question's text, point value, or answer has somehow been edited after more than one student has taken the quiz, completed attempts are not automatically updated. In the case of text changes, D2L alerts you to this fact when viewing a student's individual attempt with the warning: "Note: This question is an old version as it was modified after the quiz was taken." To change which answers receive credit for all students across the course:

  1. Navigate to the Questions tab in the Grade Quiz view.
  2. Click the radio button labeled Update All Attempts just above the list of question names.
  3. Next, click on the name of the question you want to edit.
  4. You will now see the text of the question, as well as the response frequency for each answer. For some question types, you will notice bold numbers (for example: (1)) next to the answer options;
  5. Under Grading Type:
    • You may elect to "give all attempts" points. This will give the same score to all students, regardless of their answer. Or...
    • You may "give to attempts with answer"points . In this option you may select or enter the appropriate answer, and assign the desired number of points. Notice that for question types with a dropdown menu with numbers, the numbers correspond to the bold numbers near the answers options above. For matching and multi select question types, it will be necessary to manually score every possible answer combination. For calculated types, it is possible to give credit for the following cases: results + units correct, just results, just units, number of significant digits, and both incorrect.
  6. When finished, click Save.

Please Note:

  • In the case where an answer is being changed (meaning the answer which was originally marked correct is actually incorrect), this process will need to be repeated giving the now incorrect answer 0.01 points. Note: There is currently a limitation in D2L which does not allow assigning 0 points to an answer when regrading.
  • This solution does not work for the long answer question type.
  • Students may still see a red "x" next to their answer, but will receive the credit indicated for the question.
  • Regrading matching, multi-select, and ordering question types requires giving all students equal credit, or manually scoring every possible answer combination.
  • For arithmetic and significant figures question types, students are given a score based upon the correctness of the numerical result, units, number of significant digits (for significant digits questions), and various combinations of the above. For this reason, regrading can only be done based on these factors. Changes to the numeric answer cannot be regraded.

In each case:
If the "allow automatic export to grades" box was not checked on the quiz Properties tab, it will be necessary to click ExportGrades.png on the Attempts tab to update the gradebook.

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