Kaltura - Media Collaboration - Changing Media Ownership, Adding Editors and Publishers

This document covers the attributes of UW-Madison Kaltura Mediaspace's collaborators feature. With the collaborators feature, you are able to designate other users as owners, co-editors, and co-publishers of your media items. This is extremely beneficial if you work in a collaborative environment in which other people might need to manipulate or post media for you. An example of this might involve an instructor uploading a media item and then designating a local support person as a co-editor and/or co-publisher so that person can embed the content in a learning management system or departmental website.

For more information on the collaboration feature, permissions granted to co-editors/publishers, and how to add people as co-editors/publishers, please see the Kaltura document: Change Media Owner and Add Collaborator. To access

  1. Launch Chrome or Firefox, go to Kaltura MediaSpace, and login: mediaspace.wisc.edu. If you need more information on how to log in to MediaSpace please see Kaltura - How to Log in to Kaltura MediaSpace (UW-Madison) .
  2. Click on your name or the person silhouette icon in the upper right corner and click My Media:
    Screenshot showing the user having clicked their user icon in Kaltura MediaSpace with the cursor hovering over the drop-down menu option "My Media".
  3. Search for or scroll until you find the video you want to edit.
    Click on the media’s Edit button which looks like a pencil:
    Screenshot showing a user's Kaltura Mediaspace media displayed. The cursor hovers over a pencil icon. The pencil icon and cursor are outlined in red.
  4. Click the Collaboration tab.
  5. Click Change media owner to change the media owner, or the + Add Collaborator to add a co-editor, co-publisher, or co-viewer to the media item. You can add a person by name or NetID - we suggest you use the person's NetID. The person needs to have logged into Kaltura MediaSpace at least once to be available to be added.
    • Co-Editor: Co-Editors can edit the entry's details and metadata, trim media, replace media, edit captions, edit chapters and edit slides. Co-editors cannot delete media or add new co-editors and co-publishers. Co-editors can see the analytics page for the media they co-edit.
    • Co-Publisher: Co-Publishers can publish the media anywhere that the co-publishing user has rights to publish.
    • Co-Viewer: Co-Viewers can view media, even if you have not published it.

Known Issues

  • The person you are trying to add must have logged into Kaltura MediaSpace at least once in order for you to be able to find a person and add them as a collaborator. If the user has not logged in at least once, you will get an error message: "Error: user does not exist". Once you've confirmed the user has logged into http://mediaspace.wisc.edu/ try adding them to the channel again.
  • If you would like to retain access to media but change ownership from you to someone else, make sure you add yourself as a co-editor/publisher before changing the owner.

Bulk Requests

Only Kaltura administrators can update the co-owners or co-publishers of multiple media items at a time. To request updates to multiple media items, see Kaltura - Requesting changes including ownership, download, co-editor/co-publisher/co-viewer and restoring deleted media (UW-Madison).

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