Kaltura - What is the entry identifier (entry id)? (UW-Madison)

This page shows you how to identify and acquire the entry identifier (entry id) for a media item in Kaltura MediaSpace.

When working on support issues, it is often handy for administrators to have the identifier for the media item with which you are having issues. The entry identifier is the last part of a media items direct URL within Kaltura MediaSpace. In the screenshot below, you will see the URL bar of a browser that is on a media item's page within Kaltura MediaSpace. This is the page you navigate to when you want to preview a media item that you have uploaded to Kaltura MediaSpace. The entry id in this example is "1_sw48qa4n":

A screenshot showing a browser open with the URL bar focused on - a red line is underneath the last set of numbers and letters indicating the Entry ID for the piece of media that is loaded.