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Kaltura - How to Create a Podcast from a User-Created Channel (UW-Madison)

This tutorial shows Kaltura admins how to create a podcast from a user-created channel

    Process Overview

    There are 5 steps to this process. They are as follows:

    1. Have a user create a channel and point user to a form containing information you need as an admin to create a podcast syndication feed.
    2. Admin creates a rule-based playlist from the channel.
    3. Admin creates a syndication feed using the rule-based playlist as the media source.
    4. Admin uses the Kaltura API TestMe Console to change the syndication feed flavor to Source or 0.
    5. Admin provides user with a syndication feed URL (AKA an RSS feed) so the user can register the URL with a Podcast registry such as Apple iTunes.

    User Creates Channel and Fills Out Form

    I have created a form that gathers the required information from users. A template of the format that you can freely copy and then manipulate can be found here: This form discusses the things that a user is required to do, such as provide a URL to an image that will be used as the thumbnail for the podcast.

    Admin Creates a Rule-Based Playlist from the Channel

    1. Log into
    2. Click the Content tab then click the Playlists tab.
    3. Click the Add Rule Based Playlist Button on the right side of the page. The "New Rule Based Playlist" window appears.
    4. Search for the users channel by using the "Search Categories" text box.

    5. Give the playlist a name by filling out the "Name" text box. Optionally, you can also give the playlist a description and add some tags.
    6. Click the Save button.
    7. Once you are back to the list of Playlists, make note of the Playlist's ID. It should start with "0_". You will need this for creating the syndication feed.

    Admin Creates a Syndication Feed

    Create a Syndication Feed Using the KMC

    1. Log into
    2. Go to Content -> Syndication
    3. Click the Create New Feed button.
    4. Fill out the required fields and any optional fields you want. Be sure to select "Only content from this playlist" and select the rule-based playlist you just created. Also be sure to select "ITunes" under the Feed Type field.
    5. After you fill in the fields, click the Add Feed button.

    Create a New Session with the Kaltura API TestMe Console

    In order to do anything in the TestMe Console, you need to first start a new session.

    1. Go to
    2. Click the "History" dropdown and select "1. Select Service.".
    3. Click the "Select Service" dropdown and select "session". The "Select action" dropdown should appear.
    4. Click the "Select action" dropdown and select "start". Many new dropdowns and text boxes will appear.
    5. Click in the "secret (string)" text box and paste the Administrator Secret from the KMC (found under Settings -> Integration Settings).
    6. Change the "type (KalturaSessionType)" dropdown from "USER" to "ADMIN".
    7. Click in the "partnerId (int)" text box and enter your Partner ID (also found under Settings -> Integration Settings).
    8. Click the Send button. If it worked you'll see something similar to this:

      <xml> <result>djJ8MTY2MDkwMnyPStHkPEKz_ed-f9t7v-xiOwuXj0tnTvof_JSvLPEgCa7QUXmopmNcRywADvib_KuoNKZ_ci3QiG1ipbtxri6d</result> <executionTime>0.00019502639770508</executionTime> </xml>

      If you don't see something similar to this, try these steps again.
    9. This means that you have successfully started a session with your instance of Kaltura, which means you can create a custom syndication feed.

    Admin Updates Syndication Feed to Use Source File

    1. Click the "History" dropdown and select "1. Select Service" again.
    2. Click the "Select service" dropdown and select "syndicationFeed".
    3. Make sure the "Select action" dropdown is set to "update".
    4. After doing the previous step, the "id" field appears. In this field you should paste the ID of the syndication feed you just created in the KMC. The ID can be found by going to Content -> Syndication.
    5. Click the "syndicationFeed (KalturaBaseSyndicationFeed)" dropdown and select "KalturaITunesSyndicationFeed".
    6. Click the Edit button. This will make another column of fields appear. Within these fields is where you will put most of the information that you gathered from the user via the form.
    7. Enter 0 into the flavorParamId field. This is to use the source file uploaded by the user. This is what will allow the syndication feed to serve MP3s instead of MP4s for audio files.
    8. Hit the Send button. This will update your syndication feed.
    9. Now that you have updated your new syndication feed, you need to provide it to the user who requested it. Hop back into the KMC and go to Content -> Syndication. You should see your updated syndication feed along with its Feed URL. This is the URL you need to provide to the user. The user can then use this URL to register with a podcast directory service like Apple iTunes.

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