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Canvas - Tips and issues for instructors moving from D2L to Canvas (UW-Madison)

This article outlines some of the top issues an instructor may experience moving from D2L to Canvas.

The following are some of the issues reported by users to the Canvas Pilot team as part of the 2015-2016 pilot. This list is not intended to be comprehensive but will assist instructors making the move to Canvas from D2L. You may also find Canvas - General tips and issues for instructors for moving to Canvas from another learning management system (UW-Madison) to be of interest. Please use the comment feature at the bottom of the page to make suggestions for additions or updates to this document as you discover issues or best practices you feel other instructors would benefit from:

  1. Special characters in filenames or long filenames will cause issues when you try to export your course. Make sure filenames do not contain special characters or exceed 256 characters.
  2. Custom homepages do not transfer to Canvas.
  3. If you inserted Kaltura MediaSpace media in D2L pages with Insert Stuff → My Media you will find those media items break once imported into Canvas. You can re-embed them into a Canvas Page either by using the Kaltura MediaSpace embed code or by using the Kaltura MediaSpace Canvas integration. Please see Kaltura at UW-Madison: Known Issues, Workarounds, and Best Practices for more information about Canvas/Kaltura integration issues.
  4. D2L Custom grade schemes do not import into Canvas.
  5. D2L rubrics do not import into Canvas.
  6. Generally we recommend that you not include your Captivate/SCORM objects in a D2L export. SCORM objects (for example Captivate lectures with embedded quizzes) that you have imported into your D2L course will sometimes transfer but not be connected to your Canvas gradebook. You will need to re-import the Captivate/SCORM objects into Canvas for SCORM objects to connect to your Canvas gradebook. Once a SCORM object is reimported into Canvas it will connect to the gradebook, but you will not have access to detailed SCORM reports. 
  7. CSCR projects exported from D2L are not imported back into Canvas correctly. Typically you will need to re-link the index.html file of your CSCR project into the appropriate module topic in Canvas. CSCR projects can also be zipped and uploaded to Canvas. Please be aware that CSCR modules do not work in the Canvas mobile app and do not report any grade to the gradebook in Canvas. A work around for students to view CSCR activities that are uploaded to Canvas on mobile devices is to use the Chrome mobile app a phone or tablet.
  8. If you plan to export your course and import it into Canvas plan to take time to look at your quizzes and questions to verify they work the way you intend. Pay attention to the following issues (this is a list of issues - a more complete D2L → Canvas quiz question matrix can be found here):
    1. Quiz description, introduction, header, and footer do not import into Canvas.
    2. Images embedded inside the rich text editor will often not transfer from D2L to Canvas unless you export all your course content and import it into Canvas. Images embedded in a question in the “Image” area will transfer over even if you export just your quiz from D2L and import it into Canvas.
    3. If you set up quiz sections in D2L, the questions in the sections will transfer once imported into Canvas, but the sections themselves do not transfer. If you use quiz sections in D2L with random questions you will need to set up a question bank in Canvas in order to create the same random question behavior.
    4. Questions that have answers with partial credit/weight are generally counted as “correct” in Canvas. Canvas does not allow partial credit answers. Occasionally partial credit answers will be counted as “incorrect”.
    5. Short answer and multi-short answer questions import as “Fill in the blank” questions in Canvas.
    6. Multi-select questions from D2L transfer as a Multiple Answer question in Canvas. Canvas only allows the question to be calculated with “Right minus wrong” and does not allow for the “All or nothing” or “Correct answers” grading selections in D2L.
    7. Ordering questions do not import into Canvas.
    8. Arithmetic questions do not import correctly into Canvas and will need to be reauthored.
    9. Significant figure questions do not import correctly into Canvas.

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