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Kaltura - Creating a Podcast (UW-Madison)

This document shows UW-Madison users how to have a Kaltura MediaSpace Channel turned into a Podcast.

Kaltura MediaSpace is becoming quite the powerful, centralized way for distributing your media. We now have the ability to turn one of your Kaltura MediaSpace channels into a Podcast syndication feed that you can register at a Podcast directory of your choosing, for example, Apple iTunes. Here are the steps for turning your Channel into a Podcast:

  1. Create a Kaltura MediaSpace Channel using the tutorial found in this KB document: Kaltura - Sharing Access to Channels (UW-Madison).

    WARNING: Do not change the name of you Channel unless you have contacted UW-Madison Kaltura admins at Changing the name of the Channel will break the connection between Kaltura and your podcast.

  2. (Optional) Select and/or create a thumbnail for your podcast. All podcasts require a thumbnail. If you would like to use your own, the resolution of the image needs to be square and at least 1400x1400 but less than 3000x3000. You must then upload this thumbnail to a web server or as a publicly shared file in UW-Madison Box. Once the image is uploaded, you will need to copy the URL for the image.
  3. Fill out the form located here:
  4. This form will be sent to UW-Madison Kaltura Administrators who will be responsible for fulfilling your request.
  5. UW-Madison Kaltura Administrators will provide you with a Syndication Feed URL.
  6. (Optional) Register this URL with a podcast directory such as Apple iTunes. For more information on how to do this, please see About submitting a podcast in Apple's Podcast Connect Help documentation. Please note that this requires you to create/have an Apple ID. If you need further assistance with registering your podcast with Apple iTunes, please contact Apple Support. Apple and any other podcast directory services are not supported by the Kaltura team. Furthere assistance with these tools should be sought from the vendor of those tools.
  7. You can now either point your users to the Podcast Directory with which you registered or provide them with the syndication feed URL so that they may manually subscribe using their podcasting application of choice.

GETTING STARTED: Creating a Kaltura channel and adding media is just one piece of the podcasting puzzle. One of the most important parts is creating the content! This spectacular, detailed Lifehacker post on starting your own podcast is a great place to kick things off: How to Start Your Own Podcast. Once you are starting to get the hang of this podcasting thing, offers this more in-depth video tutorial course: Producing Professional Podcasts (NetID Required). A big part of audio podcasts is knowing how to edit your audio. A highly recommended tool for this task is Audacity. Once again, has some great tutorials on Audacity, including this one: Learning Audacity (NetID Required).

WARNING: No analytics on number of downloads. Kaltura does not currently provided detailed analytics on number of downloads for your podcasts. If this is a required feature, we recommend using an alternative podcast hosting service.

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