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Kaltura - Interactive Video Quizzing (UW-Madison)

Kaltura MediaSpace's interactive quizzing feature (IVQ) allows you to insert quizzes to test student understanding in your online videos.

Warning: As of 7/25/17 we do not recommend that you use Kaltura Interactive Video Quizzes (IVQs) due to a number of reported issues with them. On 8/1/17 Learn@UW Madison disabled using new IVQs as Canvas assignments or embedding using them in Canvas using the Kaltura/Canvas integration.

Kaltura Interactive Video Quizzes (IVQs) do not preview with the Student View Canvas functionality as of 7/1/17. If you try using Student View with a video quiz you will either get an error message: access denied or it will not load at all and display a white screen. A workaround to preview a video quiz is to add a colleague or TA to your course and have them take the quiz or to embed IVQs using Kaltura MediaSpace embed code.

When students complete an IVQ using the Kalutra/Canvas integration the IVQ will not show students which questions they got correct or incorrect, how they previously answered the question, or the correct answer. We have also had reports that some students will not see IVQ feedback even when they load the IVQ in Kaltura MediaSpace:
Example of Kaltura IVQ feedback issue

The student also can not re-answer the question or take an IVQ more than once. There is no way to reset a student's IVQ attempt. Kaltura MediaSpace analytics for IVQs can take up to a day or two to update. When an IVQ is reloaded while a student is logged into Kaltura MediaSpace, the student will see the summary screen at start of the IVQ rather than the end.

If you do decide to use an IVQ please only use it for student review of material and do not assign points. We also recommend that you keep a copy of your questions, answers, and any other "why" or "hint" text in an external document (for example Word or a Google Doc) in case students have trouble accessing your IVQ material.

For more information about Kaltura Mediaspace's quizzing feature, please see You can also watch the following videos - they are 8 minutes, 38 seconds total:

Interactive Video Quiz Example

Play the following video to see an example of how Kaltura MediaSpace interactive video quizzing works:

Quiz Reports

Quiz reports can be sent to the Canvas gradebook. Please note the warning above though - we do not recommend you use Kaltura IVQs as Canvas Assignments at this time due to numerous issues. Quiz reports can be seen inside the analytics of the quiz on Kaltura MediaSpace or downloaded in a CSV spreadsheet. Please see this section of Kaltura's documentation for more information on quiz reports.

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