Canvas - Blackboard Collaborate Original in Canvas (UW-Madison)

How to find, add and access Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing Software in Canvas

Blackboard Collaborate Original integrates with the new Canvas Learning Management System.  You can create web conferences that are accessible to anyone enrolled in your course using this integration.  Any recordings you make using Blackboard Collaborate will also be available to those enrolled in the class. Finally, Collaborate integrates with your course roster, so students who join Collaborate from your course will be automatically signed in as themselves. (Those who sign in via a guest link instead of through Canvas will be prompted to enter a name) (Note: This is for Blackboard Collaborate Original only, if you are looking for help or information on Collaborate Ultra, go here

Blackboard Collaborate has already been integrated with Canvas.  However, in order to make the tool accessible you will have to add it to your course navigation bar.  To do this, click on Settings, then select "Navigation."  At the bottom of a page is a list of tools that are not in the navigation bar.  Simply find BB Collaborate and drag and drop it into the list of tools in the Navigation bar directly above.

BB Collab

To create a session, simply click on the BB Collaborate link in the Navigation bar, and then click on the plus sign in the upper right corner of the Collaborate interface.  After creating a session, you, or your students, can join it by simply clicking on the name of the session (see red arrow) (Also note that you and your students can access any recordings you make by clicking on the Recordings tab, underlined in red)

Admin Interface

For more information on the many features of Collaborate and how to use them, please click here.