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UW-Madison Kaltura and UW-Madison Google Apps YouTube Comparison (UW-Madison)

This document compares two media streaming services that are currently available to UW-Madison, UW-Madison Google Apps YouTube and Kalutra.

Captions, Subtitles, and Transcripts

Feature UW-Madison Google Apps YouTube UW-Madison Kaltura
Supported Subtitle Formats Many (Supported subtitle and closed caption files) .SRT
Community Contributed Captions Yes No
Caption Editor Yes No
Auto-Generated Captions Yes No
Auto-Time Transcripts Yes No
Multiple Caption Tracks Yes Yes


Feature UW-Madison Google Apps YouTube UW-Madison Kaltura
Add playlists to channels Yes Yes
Manage channels via UW-Madison service account Yes No
Channel managers have full editing rights to individual videos in channel Yes No (Video owners must manually designate editing rights for each user for each video.)
Can customize channel home page Yes No
Custom Channel Thumbnail Yes Yes
Publish single video to multiple channels No Yes
Transfer individual videos between channels No
(unless you download and then re-upload) Yes
Bulk transfer all videos from one channel to another No Yes
Private channels No
(only individual media can be set to Private) Yes
Public channels Yes Yes
Restrict viewing channel content to logged-In users No Yes (In Kaltura this is referred to as an "Open" channel.)
Channel as shared repository (channel members can publish videos to other channels) No Yes (In Kaltura this is referred to as a "Shared Repository")
Channel content moderation (media will not appear in channel until approved by channel manager) No Yes
Comments associated with channel (instead of individual media) Yes No
Can disable / enable channel commenting Yes Yes
(This enables / disables commenting in the media viewed in this channel, not in the channel itself.)
Can disable / enable viewers' ability to subscribe to your channel No Yes
Can disable / enable approval of channel comments Yes No
Can moderate channel comments (if channel commenting is enabled) Yes No
Publish channels to categories No Yes
Modify ownership of channel Yes Yes
Add managers to channel Yes (See for manager permissions) Yes (See for manager permissions)
Restrict channel so only designated users can see content No (In YouTube, each video would need to be set to "Private" and then each user would need to be manually invited to view video) Yes (In Kaltura users with the permission level of "Member" can view content in Private Channels.)
Restrict channel so only designated users can see content and contribute to channel without any other permissions No Yes
Designate certain users who can view and approve contributed content No Yes
Channel analytics Yes Yes
Can use Google Analytics for more advanced channel analytics Yes No
Can designate default settings for media uploaded to channel Yes No
Can add live streaming to channel Yes No
Can monetize channel and designate certain media as paid content Yes No
Can make a video the ad or preview for your channel Yes No
Can designate a specific playlist as the "greatest hits" of your channel Yes No
Can designate whether or not public can see number of subscribers Yes No
Can add watermark to all videos in your channel Yes No
Decide whether or not your channel can appear as a recommended channel in other users channels Yes No
Bulk modification of video metadata Yes No


Feature UW-Madison Google Apps YouTube UW-Madison Kaltura
Metadata: Title Yes Yes
Metadata: Description Yes Yes
Metadata: Tags No Yes
Media must be in channel before being added to playlist No Yes
Add other users' media to your playlist Yes No
Playlist privacy Yes
(Private, Unlisted, Public)
(Same as playlists' channel)
Ordering Manual
Most popular
Date added (newest)
Date added (oldest)
Date published (newest)
Date published (oldest)
Designate if newly added videos should be added to top or bottom of playlist Yes No
Enable / disable viewers' ability to embed playlist Yes No
Auto add media to playlist based on metadata Yes No
Allow anonymous users to add media to playlist Yes No
Direct URL to playlists Yes Yes

Features of Individual Videos

Feature UW-Madison Google Apps YouTube UW-Madison Kaltura
Age restriction options Yes No
Designate caption certification Yes No
Add to site-wide categorization Yes No
Enable / Disable comments on individual videos Yes Yes
Enable / Disable viewers ability to embed video in other sites Yes No
Designate license type Yes No
Designate location of video Yes No
Set privacy on individual video Yes
(Private, Unlisted, Public)
(Private, Unlisted, Published [maps channel / category permissions to video])
Designate recording date Yes No
Enable / Disable showing of user ratings Yes No
(Kaltura does not have user ratings.)
Designate language of video Yes No
Designate if video statistics are viewable by public Yes No
Video likes Yes Yes
Video dislikes Yes No
Allow specific users to view private videos Yes No
Provide title and description in multiple languages Yes No
Designate if subscribers are notified when individual videos are posted Yes No
Support for 3D video Yes No
Customize video thumbnail Yes Yes
Video enhancements Yes No
Add audio soundtracks Yes No
Time video annotations Yes
(Yes, extensive support for multiple types of annotations)
(Via the timeline feature. Limited annotations.)
Interactive video quizzing Yes
(Via card feature, using polls)
Interactive video quizzing LMS integration No Yes
(integrates with Canvas gradebook)
Download video Yes Yes
Online video editor Yes
(many featuers including adding audio track, adding images, cuts, trims, text, and more)
(trim and clip. Does not work with 1+ hour videos)
Change owner of individual media No Yes
Allow specific users to edit individual media No Yes
Allow specific users to publish individual media No Yes
Directly attach files to videos No Yes
Allow viewers to download video No Yes
Designate what quality of video viewers can download No Yes
Replace video without losing associated analytics and metadata No Yes
Viewers can dynamically customize embed code via user interface Yes
(limited options)
Transcript player Yes No
Viewers can dynamically adjust caption style to their liking via an easy user interface Yes No
Viewers can designate their own default video quality settings Yes No
Viewer can select playback speed Yes Yes
Embedded video resizes in a responsive manner Yes No
(requires advanced HTML skills to make responsive)
Viewers can quickly and easily add videos to their own playlists Yes No
Can quickly and easily create photo slideshow via user interface Yes No

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