Kaltura - Searching and filtering search results

This documents describes how to search and filter your My Media search results in Kaltura MediaSpace.

Searching public media

Users can search all media that has been published publicly by using the search field at the top of Kaltura MediaSpace:
A screenshot of the Kaltura MediaSpace landing page search which searches media which has been published publicly. A red line outlines the search box which has the text "lecture" in it.

You can filter the results as described below, but keep in mind that this will only be on media which has been published publicly on Kaltura MediaSpace.

Searching and filtering media you own or have co-editor, co-publisher, or co-viewer rights to

Generally we recommend that users search media in "My Media". By default Kaltura MediaSpace displays a list of all the media content that is available to you in "My Media". This includes content that you own as well as shared content on which you are listed as a co-editor or co-publisher and any media owned by a Kaltura group which you are a member of. Rather than scrolling until you find the media you're looking for you can search or filter your media. To filter your Kaltura MediaSpace media:

  1. Launch Chrome or Firefox and go to Kaltura MediaSpace: mediaspace.wisc.edu. If you need more information on how to log in to MediaSpace please see Kaltura - How to Log in to Kaltura MediaSpace (UW-Madison) .
  2. Click on your name or the person silhouette icon in the upper right corner and click My Media:
    Screenshot showing the user having clicked their user icon in Kaltura MediaSpace with the cursor hovering over the drop-down menu option "My Media".
  3. You can enter a search immediately by entering your text search in the "Search My Media" field. You can filter on the returned search or all your media by not doing a search first and clicking the Filters button:
    A screenshot showing a detail of the "My Media" screen. The user has entered the text "test" in the "Search My Media" field. The cursor hovers over the "Filters" button on the lower left which is outlined in orange to help point it out.
  4. Your browser width will determine how the filters are displayed. There are filters for:
    • Media Type
    • Publish Status
    • Scheduling
    • Ownership
    • Captions
    • Duration
    • Creation Date
    • Last Update Date
    • Usage Rights

      Click the arrow next to the More Filters box in the lower right to see the options for the filters not currently displayed:
      A screenshot showing the initial filter options displayed: "Media Type", "Publish Status", and "Scheduling". A "More Filtrers" arrow is on the lower right highlighted in orange. A "Clear All" option is to the left of it.
      The Clear All button will clear your selected filters.
  5. Check the boxes to narrow your media list.
  6. Kaltura will update to show you the filtered media that corresponds to both your search and filter selections.

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