Canvas - Submitting a Video Assignment Using Kaltura (Student)

While Canvas Assignments offers an online submission type called "Media Recordings", Kaltura's My Media provides greater flexibility in regards to ownership and use of the video. This tutorial walks students through the process of using Kaltura to submit videos for a Canvas assignment.

Students: Submit Video Assignment Using Kaltura

  1. In your Canvas course, click either the (1) the Assignments course menu link, or (2), the link to your assignment in the Modules tool:
    A screenshot from a Canvas course showing (1) the cursor hovering over the "Assignments" tool in the course navigation and (2) a link to a video assignment in the Modules tool.
  2. If you clicked on the Assignments tool, it will display. Click on the assignment that requires embedding a Kaltura video.
  3. Once you are in the assignment, read the instructions and then click the Submit Assignment button:
    A detail screenshot from Canvas showing an assignment page. The "Submit Assignment" button is outlined in red to help point it out.
  4. The Text Entry window will appear. Click the blue V button to view the More External Tools menu. Select Kaltura Media from the drop-down list:
  5. A screenshot showing the Canvas Rich Content Editor window. The blue "V" button has been clicked to display the "External Tools" drop-down menu. The cursor hovers over "Kaltura Media" which has been outlined in red to help point it out.
  6. The Kaltura Media window displays. You can either (1) Add new media by clicking the Add New button or (2) Select media you've already uploaded by clicking the Select button:
    A screenshot showing the "Kaltura Media" window. Callouts indicate (1) the Add New Media Upload and (2) Embed an existing media item.
    You can also click the Gear button next to each media item to customize how your video embeds for the assignment. More information is available in Canvas - How to embed a video in Canvas with the rich content editor (RCE) using Kaltura Media (UW-Madison) .

  7. After you select your media, you will see a preview of your media in the text entry window:
     A screenshot showing a Canvas assignment text entry assignment with a Kaltura video embedded in the text entry window.
  8. Add any comments you would like your professor to see in the Comments text box.
  9. When you are satisfied with your assignment, click the Submit Assignment button to send it to your professor.

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