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Kaltura - Installing and Configuring Kaltura MediaSpace Go (KMS Go) App for Mobile Devices [UW-Madison]

Users can now access their UW-Madison Kaltura media through the Kaltura MediaSpace Go (KMS Go) app for mobile.

The KMS Go app supports many of the features of the Kaltura MediaSpace desktop site. Users can use it to upload and manage their media. At this time, KMS Go does not allow users to generate embed codes for their media content. More information on the app is available in Kaltura's documentation:

To install and configure KMS Go on your mobile device:

  1. Use your device's app store to search for and install or Kaltura MediaSpace Go. If you have trouble finding it, you can try using these links for Android and iOS devices.
  2. Open KMS Go on your mobile device.
  3. Tap the to Enter the URL for Your Site button and enter
    A screenshot of the Kaltura MediaSpace Go app with the "Enter URL of your site" button.
  4. KMS Go will load the default screen. Tap the button in the upper right:
    A screenshot showing the top of the initial KMS Go default screen. The icon on the right of a person with a plus / "+" next to it is outlined in orange.
  5. Tap LOGIN:
    A screenshot showing KMS Go with the LOGIN button outlined in orange to help draw attention to it.
  6. Enter your NetID, password and tap Log In on the UW-Madison authentication page:
    A screenshot showing the NetID login screen that displays in KMS Go. There is a "NetID" field, a "Password" field, and a "Log In" button. The Log In button is outlined in orange to help draw attention to it.
  7. You will need to approve the Duo verification you are sent. For more information on Duo see MFA-Duo Overview.
  8. You are now logged in. The functions available on the home screen:
    1. Settings: Shows you the app version, options to play media on Wi-Fi only, download media on Wi-Fi only, Upload media on Wi-Fi only, logout, send logs and more.
    2. User Info / Media: Shows the user currently logged into KMS Go, links to continue watching media you already watched, links to "My Media" and playlists.
    3. Home: The main home screen - this screen.
    4. Upload: Upload media to Kaltura MediaSpace you've recorded with your mobile device. For more information see Kaltura - Uploading a Video with the MediaSpace Go (KMS Go) App [UW-Madison] .
    5. Inspire Me: Lets users select available time and finds available public media to view.
    6. Subscriptions: Displays any channel subscriptions or allows you to find public channels you can subscribe to.
    7. Explore: Allows you to search publicly available media on the UW-Madison Kaltura MediaSpace instance.
      A screenshot showing the default KMS Go screen. There are callouts for (1) Settings, (2) User Info/Media, (3) Home, (4) Upload, (5) Inspire Me, (6), Subscriptions, and (7) Explore.

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