Kaltura Capture - Lab or Departmental Deployment

This document provides information that may be helpful to individuals who need to deploy Kaltura Capture to a lab or departmental machines.

Most users can refer to Kaltura Capture - Installation if they want to install Kaltura Capture.

Lab administrators who need a MSI file to deploy Kaltura Capture, can contact the DoIT Help Desk and ask for a ticket to be created and escalated to the Learn@UW team. The Kaltura system administrator will send you a link to the installer.

Kaltura has provided some helpful information in their document Deploying the Kaltura Capture Application.

System administrators may find that Kaltura Capture will not initialize a capture in a virtualized environment because it can't enumerate an RDP session as a display device so the response in the UI is a generic "Failed to load Kaltura Capture Settings" message. Once deployed to a physical machine with an attached display, it should work.

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