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Atomic Assessments - Grading Assignments

Atomic Assessments is an advanced quizzing tool that is currently available through Canvas to all of UW-Madison's for-credit users. Because it is an advanced quizzing tool, it is recommend for technically advanced instructors or instructors with local support staff. Please leave ample time to develop and test assessments in Atomic Assessments before incorporating them into your live courses.

Please note that the Learn@UW-Madison team is tracking several significant issues with Atomic Assessments that have not yet been addressed by the vendor. These issues may substantially impact tool functionality, so please use this tool with caution.

This document outlines how to manually grade Atomic Assessments assignments, as well as how to manually send grades to the gradebook in Canvas.

In general, most assignments are automatically graded by Atomic Assessments. If you use particular question types that need manual grading, such as essay questions or voice recordings, you will need to grade the assignments in Canvas’s SpeedGrader. Follow the steps outlined below to grade an assignment using SpeedGrader.

Grading Assignments using SpeedGrader

  1. Navigate to the Canvas gradebook by clicking Grades in the left hand navigation bar.

  2. Click on the name of the assignment you want to grade.

  3. Click SpeedGrader.

  4. Grade and provide feedback for the submission. You can leave comments directly in SpeedGrader or through Atomic Assessments’ comment option. It is recommended that you provide general comments about the student's submission in Canvas's Assignment Comments box, and specific comments about each question in the Additional Written Suggestions comment box.

Image of Canvas's speed grader interface

  1. Click Submit once you are finished with grading each student’s submission.

Note: If you are manually grading an assignment in SpeedGrader, you do not need to click the Send to Gradebook button for each student. Your work is saved automatically in SpeedGrader, and you can follow the steps outlined in Sending Scores to the Canvas gradebook once you have finished all grading.

Sending Scores to the Canvas gradebook

If you do not select to automatically send grades to the Canvas gradebook as outlined in Atomic Assessments - Determining Assignment Settings, you will need to manually send grades to the gradebook. You may also need to send grades to the gradebook if you need to regrade an assignment.

  1. Click on Atomic Assessments in the left hand navigation bar in your Canvas course site.

  2. Navigate to the Atomic Assessments menu item and select the three dots next to the pencil for the assignment whose grades you want to send to the gradebook.

  3. From the drop down menu, select Send grades to gradebook.

Note: If grade tolerances have been updated after students have submitted assignments, you will need to select Re-Calculate Scores before sending grades to the gradebook. Doing so will ensure that the most up-to-date grades are recorded in the gradebook.

How can I set up an Activity so that it does not create an entry in the Canvas gradebook?

When creating an Assignment or inserting an Activity into a page, you should uncheck the Create gradebook Entry option. You may want to do this if you want to create an assignment that is not counted toward the final grade, such as a practice test or study guide. You can only change the Create gradebook entry option when you first create the activity. If you need remove an activity from the gradebook, you will need to create the activity again, making sure to uncheck the Create Gradebook Entry option in the assignment settings. Then, delete the original assignment.

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