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AEFIS - Eval - Accessing Student Course Evaluation Results

The student course evaluation results report summarizes the responses of an AEFIS course evaluation survey. It can be accessed by course instructors and AEFIS administrators.

Accessing the Student Course Evaluation Results

AEFIS administrators can access student course evaluation results for any instructor in their department by running the Course Evaluation Analysis.

Course instructors can access their student course evaluation results directly from their AEFIS dashboard.

Interpreting the Student Course Evaluation Analysis

The student course evaluation analysis has three sections: survey overview, survey metrics, and survey data.

Survey Overview

The survey overview provides data on the survey response rate, with graphics.


Survey Metrics

If the course evaluation survey included metric questions, this section displays the results.


Survey Data

This section gives detailed summaries of the responses to each survey question.

Results of multiple choice question include the breakdown of responses by number, a bar graph of responses, and response statistics.


Responses to free response questions are shown in full. The report will also display a word cloud of the most common response terms.


Exporting the Student Course Evaluation Results

Instructors can export their evaluation results as a PDF.

AEFIS administrators can export a PDF of the results or choose to export the data in a CSV file.

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