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Canvas - Known Issue - Course Summary Edits Load to Wrong Course [UW-Madison]

This document describes a known issue that occurs when an instructor is working on two courses at once.

If an instructor is working on two or more Canvas courses at the same time, edits made to the Course Summary page of one course may load to a different course. Instructors should not see the issue if they have only one course open in their web browser.

What causes this?

This is caused by a browser caching issue with the Course Summary tool. When an instructor clicks on Course Summary link on a given course, the ID for the summary is loaded into the browser's cache. If an instructor has multiple Course Summaries for different courses open in different tabs in the browser, the browser is going to remember whichever ID was the last to be loaded. Any changes made on will show up in the summary text of the most recently loaded course, and not the course they're working in.

For example, the following scenario would result in this issue:

  • You are working on the Canvas courses for English 101 and English 102.
  • You navigate to the Course Summary page for English 101 and begin editing it.
  • You want to check something you had written in the English 102 course, so you open a new browser window and navigate to the Course Summary page of English 102.
  • You go back to the tab where you are editing the Course Summary of English 101, finish making your edits, and submit changes.
  • The changes will be posted to the most recent course where you loaded the Course Summary: English 102.


This issue may affect any instructor who is working on multiple Canvas courses in the same browser.


Instructors can avoid this issue by working on one course at a time.

However, if they have multiple courses open in the same browser, they can prevent the issue by making sure to click the Course Summary navigation link in the course they are trying to edit immediately before making edits.

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