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Canvas - Importing Content from another Canvas Course [UW-Madison]

This document describes how to copy course content from an existing Canvas course, to a new Canvas course shell. This can be useful for migrating contents between semesters.

Importing course contents

  1. Navigate to new course shell in Canvas.
    Canvas dashboard with course tile outlined in orange

  2. Open Settings
    Canvas course sidebar with Settings highlighted in orange

  3. Select Import Course Content from sidebar on opposite side of page.
    Opposite sidebar shown on course Settings page, with Export Course Content selected

  4. Open the Content Type drop-down menu, and select Copy a Canvas Course.
    Note: If you are uploading an .imscc file, select Canvas Course Export Package and follow this Instructure guide, starting at Choose File.
    Select copy a Canvas course

  5. Begin typing the name of your course in the text box. Suggested courses will appear below the text box.

    • Please note the semester of the course you select, to ensure you are selecting the correct semester.
      Choose course

  6. Select content to migrate: you can either copy all content, or select specific content to import.
    import settings

  7. Next, you can choose to adjust events and due dates, by changing the beginning and end date of your course. Leave this unchecked if no adjustment is necessary.

  8. Select the Import button

  9. You can track progress of the import on the Current Jobs page. After the import process completes, this page will display any errors that occurred in the migration.
    Current Jobs

    • One common error is missing or broken links. Please review the errors Canvas provides, to ensure there are no broken links in your course contents. For more information, please refer to this guide on Canvas Community.

What if I imported content to the wrong course?

New Courses

If you imported contents into a new course, Learn@UW Support can reset the course shell. Contact the DoIT Help Desk, and they can create a case for the Learn@UW team to review. See Get Help from DoIT for contact information.

Existing Courses

If you imported contents to an existing course, it will not overwrite previous course content. If the course had assignments submitted to it, the original assignments will be listed on the Assignments page with a due date. The imported assignments will not have a due date listed.

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