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Kaltura - Uploading a video to Kaltura MediaSpace with Kaltura MediaSpace Go (KMS Go) app for mobile devices

This document describes how to upload a video to UW-Madison's Kaltura MediaSpace using KMS Go for mobile devices

Before you get started:

  • If you haven't installed KMS Go see Kaltura - Installing and configuring Kaltura MediaSpace Go (KMS Go) app for mobile devices . 
  • We suggest recording your video with the Camera app separately first before using KMS Go to upload your video to Kaltura MediaSpace. 
  • Make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi before uploading your video as it will use a lot of data. 
  • Keep your videos relatively short: ~4-6 minutes
  • You can record video from inside KMS Go as described in step 3 by using KMS Go to launch the Camera app as well. 

To upload a video from your mobile device to UW-Madison Kaltura MediaSpace using KMS Go:

  1. Launch KMS Go by tapping the app icon.
    A screenshot of the KMS Go app icon.
  2. Tap the Upload button in the lower left.
    A screenshot from KMS Go with the "Upload" button outlined in orange to help draw attention.
  3. Tap Video (or Audio or Image if that's what you're uploading).
    A screenshot showing a the KMS Mobile "Upload" screen with options for "Video", "Audio", and "Image". "Video" has an orange outline around it to draw attention to it.
  4. Tap the app you want to upload your media from (for example, Photos). You could also record a new video by tapping Camera. Your mobile device may prompt you to allow KMS Go to access the device's pictures or camera. If you are selecting a video from an app, browse to find the video you want to upload. The video will load in KMS Go. You can tap on and drag the in and out point if you recorded something near the start or end that you don't want to be included in the upload.
  5. Tap Next.
  6. Enter a descriptive title for your video.
  7. Tap Upload.
    A screenshot showing the KMS Go screen where the user can add a title for their video and then tap "Upload" to upload the video to Kaltura MediaSpace. The "Upload" button is outlined in orange to help draw attention to it.
  8. Read the disclaimer. The formatting does not look the way it does on a browser at Kaltura MediaSpace (Kaltura is aware of the issue). If you agree, tap I agree to the above terms and conditions. More information on the disclaimer is available in Kaltura - Legal and Policy Information . My Media will display with an icon showing your in progress upload.
  9. Once the video has uploaded, a message will display: "Video title" was uploaded successfully. Would you like to Publish now? If you tap Yes you can edit the following:
    1. Title: The name of your video that will display to viewers.
    2. Description: Text about your video that will display below your video.
    3. Publish Settings: You can leave this set to "Private" if you plan to embed this video in your Canvas course by following Canvas - Upload and embed a new Kaltura Mediaspace video in a Canvas page . More information on publishing settings is available in Kaltura - How to change publication settings to media Kaltura MediaSpace (UW-Madison) .
    4. Tags: Set a unique tag to help you find a group of media. For example you could use a unique tag for a course like Anthro109SP2020InstructorName.
    5. Usage Rights: If you're familiar with Creative Commons you can select a Creative Commons license.
      A screenshot from the KMS Go app showing options to edit (1) Title, (2) Description, (3) Publish Settings, (4) Tags, and (5) Usage Rights.
  10. When you are done, tap UPDATE in the upper right.
  11. If you want to embed your video in a Canvas course, launch Chrome or Firefox (ideally on a desktop) and follow 62951 .

Upload Speed

Even when Kaltura MediaSpace is running smoothly, other internet service providers may experience slower service, which could limit your upload speed. 

  • Upload speeds and Kaltura's upload performance varies, but an upload speed of 10 Mbps should be able to upload a 250 MB file to Kaltura in about 4.5 minutes.


The amount of time it takes Kaltura MediaSpace to process a file depends on file size, duration, quality, and usage.

Generally it takes about 2-3 times the video's duration for Kaltura MediaSpace to display your video in low definition (high definition versions take longer to process). For example, a 15 minute video will usually take about 30-45 minutes to process (in low-definition). When Kaltura MediaSpace is being heavily used, processing times will lengthen and could take up to 24 hours. 

If your video takes longer than 24 hours to process, please call the DoIT Help Desk. More detailed information is available in Kaltura's document involvingtranscoding times and quality of service.

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