Webex Meetings - Getting Started for Technical Assistants (UW-Madison)

This document is written for technical assistants and includes links to other documents and information about how to access Webex, starting and configuring sessions, navigating the session, recording the session, and distributing that recording and protecting student privacy. We have another document about Webex written for instructors who can assist instructors during their sessions located here: Webex Meetings - Getting Started for Instructors (UW-Madison).

    Webex is a web conferencing tool available at UW-Madison. Faculty, staff, and student employees are able to create and host web conference sessions which can be accessed by anyone. It's a useful tool for hosting and recording synchronous web conferencing sessions. For these and other reasons, Webex is a recommended tool for continuity of instruction, particularly for hosting synchronous sessions with students. Because Webex doesn't integrate with Canvas, if you are a Canvas user, please consider using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra: Blackboard Collaborate Ultra - Getting Started for Instructors (UW-Madison).

    Note: The Webex Meetings Desktop Application is not needed to join sessions. Your students do not need to download Webex, and are not eligible to download Webex, but can join via invites you send.

    Note: If you are planning a session with a large number (up to 1000) of participants, please review the section below about Webex Events.

    Installing and Accessing Webex

    • This document details how to install Webex Meetings Desktop Application for Windows and Mac computers: [Link for document 89217 is unavailable at this time.].
    • Note: if you have a UW-Madison provided machine, it's possible you already have Webex meetings installed.
    • Though there is a Webex desktop application, students should only access Webex sessions sent via an email invite link through their browser or from their calendar invite.
    • Webex can also be accessed through the web located at uwmadison.webex.com.
    • This document provides information about how to join a Webex meeting: [Link for document 87741 is unavailable at this time.].

    Starting and Configuring Webex Sessions

    • Once you've installed Webex, view this document for details about how to schedule or start a Webex session: [Link for document 89041 is unavailable at this time.].
    • Follow these links to learn how to schedule Webex sessions for
      • Mac: [Link for document 89418 is unavailable at this time.]
      • Windows: [Link for document 89415 is unavailable at this time.]
    • You can also start a Webex session from your Webex Site: [Link for document 87789 is unavailable at this time.].
    • You can configure your session to prevent participants from using their video: [Link for document 88399 is unavailable at this time.]. This is recommended due to high utilization of Webex across the globe

    Navigating and Assisting Instructors During the Session

    • Instructors can set their Technical Assistants as a host for a meeting: [Link for document 97609 is unavailable at this time.]. This is recommended so that the Technical Assistant can help with muting and unmuting participants, and also so that the session doesn't close if the instructor needs to leave the session for some reason. 
    • Make sure to familiarize yourself with the the Webex chat so you can relay student questions to the instructor. [Link for document 98751. is unavailable at this time.]
    • Sharing your screen. While it's likely that the instructor will be sharing their screen, please review these instructions in case they experience any issues. 
    • Adding another participant to the session. In case a student drops out of the meeting, make sure you know how to add them back in, and be sure to share your email so they can contact you in case they need to be re-added.
    • [Link for document 90161 is unavailable at this time.]
    • [Link for document 88326. is unavailable at this time.] To reduce the amount of audio issues, please review these instructions for muting participants. 
    • Getting Started for Attendees. This link is a good resource to share with students, and you should consider reviewing it as well. 
    • Please also review this document for Troubleshooting Audio [Link for document 88023 is unavailable at this time.]

    Recording and Distributing recorded Webex Sessions

    • [Link for document 97150 is unavailable at this time.]
    • [Link for document 98989 is unavailable at this time.]

    Webex Events

    Webex Events is intended for sessions with a large number of participants (up to 1000) that need to be muted with no video (no audio or video capabilities). There is a Q&A feature that allows participants to ask questions via text.

    Webex Events is accessed by logging in at uwmadison.webex.com.

    Once you are signed in, select Webex Events in the bottom left-hand menu.

    A screenshot of Webex Events, found in the left-hand menu

    Training videos on how to use this tool is available directly from Cisco at Webex Events Training Videos.

    There is also an online training course for Webex Events for UW-Madison employees. You can sign up through the Office of Human Resources catalog.

    Protecting Student Privacy

    Since you will be working with student data, please take some time to review the documents below pertaining to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

    If you have additional questions about FERPA please contact the UW-Madison Registrar's Office.

    Additional Links and resources

    • Video tutorials are available for Webex. 
    • If you are experiencing any technical problems with Webex, click here for troubleshooting and to get help or contact the DoIT Help Desk.
    • There's also a self-help document for Troubleshooting Audio [Link for document 88023 is unavailable at this time.]
    • For a quick-reference sheet of best practices for using Webex, please click here.
    • Learn more about Webex and accessibility (including Live Closed Captioning).
    • If your course enrollment is above 500, it is recommended that you do not host synchronous sessions. Instead, consider asynchronous delivery.

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