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D2L :: D2L - Getting Started

The following narrated tutorials will help instructors and other course owners get started with a course in D2L at UW-Madison. Some components include click-along exercises, but you can also follow along when indicated below. The entire tutorial takes approximately 17 minutes (if this time commitment is too large, please use the printed "Quick Reference" or "online checklist" linked below).


  1. Tour of D2L: learn about the features and tools of D2L.
  2. Planning and Preparation: learn about how to plan your course to best make use of D2L.
  3. Activating your course: learn about how to activate your course so that students can see it.
  4. Adding a news item: learn about how to add a news item or announcement to your course home page.
  5. Using the Course Builder: learn about the layout and functions of the course builder.
  6. Adding content and activities using the Course Builder: learn how to upload content and to add links and activities using the Course Builder.
  7. Adding Tools to the navigation bar (optional): learn how to add and remove tools from the top navigation bar.
  8. Getting Help: learn how and where to get help with D2L.

When finished, please complete our online survey.

Quick Reference Guides

Quick Reference Guides are printable .PDFs/.DOCs that explain important concepts and tasks within D2L.

  • Introduction 1: Getting Started explains how to activate a course, change links on the navbar, and manage content by adding topics and modules.
  • Introduction 2: News/Classlist show how to add a news item, add participants to the classlist, and how to change roles within the course.
  • Course Builder covers the basics of using Course Builder to set up your course.
  • Quizzing covers how to set up a quiz and create basic questions, such as multiple choice and true/false.
  • Gradebook explains how to set up the gradebook, add a new gradebook item, create grade schemes and enter grades.
  • Dropbox explains how to set up a Dropbox in your course for use with students submitting assignments.
  • Homepage and Navbar covers the basics of customizing your homepage and navbar.

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