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1HelioCampus Assessment & Credentialing (HelioCampus AC) - Assessment Management System Overview [UW-Madison]982632024-06-206387
2Canvas - Using Learning Analytics in Canvas [UW-Madison]1131392024-06-146139
3Honorlock - Getting Started [UW-Madison]1145162024-02-273891
4Turnitin - Overview [UW-Madison]983502024-02-215925
5Learn@UW - Getting Help with Supported Tools for Teaching [UW-Madison]667932024-01-1711665
6Kaltura - Using Learning Analytics in Kaltura [UW-Madison]1150772023-12-072607
7Zoom - Using Learning Analytics in Zoom [UW-Madison]1131412023-09-272855
8Honorlock - Overview [UW-Madison]1032062023-07-1219971
9HelioCampus AC - Eval - Getting Started with Online Course Evaluations (Admin) [UW-Madison]641502024-06-2033664
10HelioCampus AC - DESL Direct Evidence of Student Learning [UW-Madison]1047862023-06-293971
11Honorlock - Enabling Honorlock in Canvas (Instructor) [UW-Madison]1032112023-02-087878
12HelioCampus AC - Request Entity Too Large Login Issue [UW-Madison]1276492024-06-20863
13HelioCampus AC - DESL - Getting Started with DESL Assignment Linking [UW-Madison]1057522024-06-202748
14HelioCampus AC - Eval Survey Instance - Viewing Survey Participants (Admin) [UW-Madison]819992024-06-204827
15HelioCampus AC - Eval - Frequently Asked Questions (Student) [UW-Madison]810692024-06-2017417
16HelioCampus AC - Eval - Frequently Asked Questions (Instructor) [UW-Madison]811582024-06-2014076
17HelioCampus AC - Adding Favorites to the HelioCampus AC Menu [UW-Madison]1208162024-06-20954
18HelioCampus AC - Eval Results - Changing the Minimum Response Requirement (Admin) [UW-Madison]807552024-06-204094
19HelioCampus AC - Eval Survey Schedule - Creating a New Survey Schedule (Admin) [UW-Madison]820112024-06-207011
20HelioCampus AC - Users - Roles and Permissions [UW-Madison]908502024-06-204892
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