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Kaltura :: Kaltura - Getting Started (UW-Madison)

This document provides an overview of the UW-Madison Kaltura MediaSpace service.

What is UW-Madison Kaltura MediaSpace?

Kaltura MediaSpace is a product UW-Madison uses to host and deliver media for educational use at UW-Madison. It is often described as "YouTube for UW-Madison." Faculty, staff and students can upload media content to UW-Madison Kaltura MediaSpace. Media can then be linked to, embedded in a Canvas course, or website. For more information see our KnowledgeBase documents on logging into Kaltura, uploading media to Kaltura, and best practices which also cover background information on policies and appropriate use.
A screenshot of UW-Madison's Kaltura MediaSpace instance.

Kaltura Integration with Canvas

The UW-Madison Canvas learning management system features integration with Kaltura MediaSpace. Kaltura media can be embedded wherever the Canvas rich content editor is available. This integration offers some functionality of Kaltura MediaSpace (record, upload, publish, search, and share) directly from within Canvas. For more information please see our KnowledgeBase documents on embedding Kaltura media in Canvas
A screenshot showing a Canvas course page with an embedded Kaltura video.


Please contact the DoIT Help Desk for technical assistance or questions regarding Kaltura. The Learn@UW-Madison team has authored documents on the UW-Madison Kaltura MediaSpace KnowledgeBase that offer helpful information on using Kaltura. Instructors and instructional staff can also request a consultation with a DoIT AT consultant to discuss using Kaltura through the DoIT Help Desk.

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