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This document outlines how to find known issues and workarounds for Learn@UW-Madison tools.

Documented, UW-Madison-specific problems are tagged as a known issue and are searchable by known issue or workaround. 

They can also be found via the drop-down menu beside the search bar in the Learn@UW-Madison KnowledgeBase:
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1Learn@UW - Known Issues and Workarounds [UW-Madison]766142024-02-2312863
2Honorlock - Student names not matching roster (UW-Madison)1382282024-07-1857
3HelioCampus AC - Eval Results - Reports and Results Known Issues [UW-Madison]1154962024-06-201604
4Canvas - Known Issue - New Analytics Unavailable on Large Courses1379512024-06-14146
5Canvas - Known Issue - Large Enrollment Gradebook Slowness [UW-Madison]803802024-05-085147
6Engage - Known Issue - Engage displays error message when attempting to access eText [UW-Madison]857752024-03-286725
7Kaltura - Known Issue - "Kaltura Gallery" Course Media Gallery Import Only Shows Canvas Courses in Which the User Has the Canvas Role of "Teacher" or "Principal Instructor" [UW-Madison]912752024-02-275757
8Kaltura - Alternatives for Media Recording, Hosting, and Sharing [UW-Madison]1057222024-01-306911
9Canvas - Known Issue - Self Sign-Up Groups and Assignments [UW-Madison]908942024-01-186774
10Kaltura - Known Issue - MediaSpace "Add New" Menu Options Change Based on Browser Width [UW-Madison]971512024-01-022919
11Kaltura - Known Issue - Users Can Only Request Machine Captioning Once for a Media Item [UW-Madison]976312024-01-022837
12Kaltura - Known Issue - Upload Results in "Oops!" Error [UW-Madison]914512024-01-024540
13Kaltura - Known Issue - Privacy and Ad-blocking Software Can Cause Issues with Kaltura MediaSpace [UW-Madison]424482024-01-028289
14Kaltura - Known Issue - Kaltura MediaSpace Gives "No matches found" Message When Trying to Add a User to a Channel, or When Using the Collaborators Function [UW-Madison]773412024-01-027111
15Kaltura - Known Issue - Kaltura MediaSpace Playlists Do Not Update Immediately Where the Playlist Is Embedded [UW-Madison]773332024-01-026357
16Kaltura - Known Issue - Limited Number of Courses, Channels, or Categories for a Kaltura Video [UW-Madison]974292023-12-204975
17Kaltura - Known Issue - Videos Embedded in Canvas Do Not Load for Specific Users [UW-Madison]1058722023-12-205593
18Kaltura - Known Issue - Kaltura Video Quizzes Sometimes Don't Send a Grade to the Canvas Gradebook [UW-Madison]932132023-12-207571
19Kaltura/Canvas - Known Issue - "Browser Cookies Issue" Message - Enabling Third-Party Cookies [UW-Madison]773422023-12-2086467
20Kaltura - Known Issue - Audio Issues with Some MacOS Powerpoint MP4 files [UW-Madison]1018412023-12-203209
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