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Blackboard Collaborate Original :: Blackboard Collaborate Original - Overview (UW-Madison)

One stop shop for everything Blackboard Collaborate Original-related on UW-Madison's campus. Resources are organized by role and interest, browse to find specific documents to help you out with everything from a product overview to step-by-step instructions for specific use cases.

  • For a product overview of Blackboard Collaborate Original, including what it is and a list of its main features, please click here. (Looking for Blackboard Collaborate Ultra? Go Here)
  • To check out Original's system requirements and test your computer's configuration, please click here.
  • For instructions on how to join a Original session in the My UW Portal, please click here.
  • (Note: Students cannot set up Original web conferencing sessions, they can only join conferences set up by their instructors)
  • For an overview of training resources for students/participants or instructors/moderators using Original, please click here.
  • For a quick-reference sheet of best practices for using Original, please click here.
  • If you are experiencing any technical problems with Original, you can get help through Blackboard's support portal.

Setting up Original Sessions (including Permissions)

For more information on features specific to using Original in My UW Portal, please click here.

To better plan on how to set and use participant permissions during a Original session please click here.

For step-by-step instructions on how to rotate permissions during a Original session please click here.

Use Cases

Click on a use case below for step-by-step instructions on how to use Original for that use case.

Large Group Information Dissemination Template  (ex. Information Session, Software Demonstration, Undergrad Lecture, Student Presentations, Guest Speaker)

Large Group Participatory User Template  (ex. Virtual Department Meeting, Virtual Staff Meeting, Review Session)

Small Group User Template  (ex. Undergraduate Seminar, Graduate Seminar, Instructor Meeting, Dissertation or MA Defense, Review Session)

Virtual Office Hours Template

Collaborate Features

Click on the links below for step-by-step instructions on how to use Collaborate Original features such as Whiteboard, Polls, and Application Sharing.

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1 Blackboard Collaborate Original - Using File Transfer (UW-Madison)
2 Blackboard Collaborate Original - Using Application Sharing (UW-Madison)
3 Blackboard Collaborate Original - Setting up Audio and Video (UW-Madison)
4 Blackboard Collaborate Original - Using Web Tour (UW-Madison)
5 Blackboard Collaborate Original - Using Breakout Rooms (UW-Madison)
6 Learn@UW - Which should I use? Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, Google Hangouts Meet, Webex Meetings, Microsoft Teams, Adobe Connect
7 Blackboard Collaborate Original - Using Chat (UW-Madison)
8 Blackboard Collaborate Original - Setting Permissions (UW-Madison)
9 Blackboard Collaborate Original - Using the Whiteboard (UW-Madison)
10 Blackboard Collaborate Original - Rotating Permissions (UW-Madison)
11 Blackboard Collaborate Original - Overview (UW-Madison)
12 Blackboard Collaborate - Product Overview
13 Blackboard Collaborate Original - Using Polls (UW-Madison)
14 Blackboard Collaborate Original - Virtual Office Hours Template (UW-Madison)
15 Blackboard Collaborate Original - Using the Timer (UW-Madison)
16 Blackboard Collaborate Original Web Conference - Test System Requirements and Access
17 Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing - Getting Started
18 Blackboard Collaborate Original - Activating Telephony (UW-Madison)
19 Blackboard Collaborate Original - Best Practices for creating PowerPoint files to be imported into the Whiteboard
20 Blackboard Collaborate Original/Ultra - Access via MyUW

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