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HelioCampus AC :: HelioCampus Assessment & Credentialing (HelioCampus AC) - Assessment Management System Overview [UW-Madison]

This document is an overview UW-Madison's assessment management system, HelioCampus AC (Formerly AEFIS).

Select this link to list all HelioCampus AC (Formerly AEFIS) documents from the Learn@UW-Madison Knowledgebase at the bottom of this page.

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What is HelioCampus AC?

HelioCampus AC is a cloud-based assessment management system that facilitates the collection and application of real-time assessment data. The tool is administered by Learn@UW-Madison in partnership with Student Learning Assessment. It is classified under the Teaching & Learning service category.

Student learning assessment is an integrated, ongoing component of academic life and the student experience at UW-Madison. Key areas include: 

To see the integrated assessment framework at UW, click here.
  • All of these are either directly or indirectly accessed from with HelioCampus AC.

Additional Resources

  • To see all of UW-Madison's HelioCampus AC documentation, search "HelioCampus AC" on the Learn@UW-Madison KB
  • For technical questions, please contact the DoIT Help Desk
  • If you are a HelioCampus AC college/department administrator, contact Learn@UW-Madison Support for upcoming HelioCampus AC course evaluation training sessions. In-person training and Q&As for HelioCampus AC college/department administrators working with course evaluations are held several times per year.

Service Page Overview

HelioCampus Assessment & Credentialing (AC) is a cloud-based assessment management system that facilitates the collection and application of learning assessment data. HelioCampus AC is currently used for several Student Learning Assessment initiatives including course evaluation surveys, program assessment and direct evidence of student learning (DESL).

HelioCampus AC is part of the Learn@UW suite of learning technologies. More information about HelioCampus AC, updates, events and how to work with the Learn@UW–‍Madison learning technology consultants are available on the DoIT HelioCampus AC Service Page.

Getting Started

To get started with HelioCampus AC, instructors and students can log in at


HelioCampus AC is available at no cost to schools, colleges, and departments for use with credit-bearing courses and programs.

Key Features

  • Administration and delivery of digital course evaluation surveys

  • Viewing of course evaluation survey results and reports

  • Integration with the university’s Student Information System (SIS)

  • Capturing program assessment reports

  • Integration with Canvas to provide direct evidence of student learning allowing linking of assignments and activities to both program and course learning outcomes


The DoIT Help Desk provides instructors, staff and students with free tech support and troubleshooting help by phone at (608) 264-4357, email and chat. In-person support is also available at the DoIT Help Desk service desk in the Computer Sciences building. Visit for hours and more information.

The Division for Teaching & Learning, in partnership with the Learn@UW–‍Madison service, provides consultative support, hands-on training, and other resources. You can schedule a consultation by contacting the DoIT Help Desk. In addition, the Learn@UW–Madison KnowledgeBase offers helpful documents.

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