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1Canvas - Using Learning Analytics in Canvas [UW-Madison]1131392024-06-146376
2Kaltura - Using Learning Analytics in Kaltura [UW-Madison]1150772023-12-072681
3Zoom - Using Learning Analytics in Zoom [UW-Madison]1131412023-09-272901
4Advanced Content Authoring and Reporting - Using interactive Storyline modules with WordPress/GrassBlade, Learning Locker, and Canvas [UW-Madison]765342023-02-0811478
5Learning Analytics Guiding Principles1048052024-01-178971
6Learning Analytics Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) from Students1060242024-07-033235
7Canvas - Getting Started with Canvas New Analytics feature [UW-Madison]935942024-07-197441
8Kaltura - Using Media Channel Links for Aggregated Analytics [UW-Madison]774052023-03-068029
9Learning Analytics for Instructors Widget1132442024-07-012828
10Kaltura - Using "Kaltura Gallery" Course Media Galleries and Analytics in Canvas [UW-Madison]926822023-12-2010834
11Advanced Content Authoring and Reporting - Requesting and Interpreting a Standard Learning Locker Export from Storyline [UW-Madison]799062023-02-087621
12Learning Analytics Community of Practice - Resources1323582024-05-031120
13Engage - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) [UW-Madison]828302024-04-187959
14Canvas - Interpreting Course Access Reports [UW-Madison]1038542023-12-196681
15Canvas - Quiz Logs [UW-Madison]1039252023-02-0817120
16Using LA data - Include doc (Using the data)1050642024-01-098399

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