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Linux Resources

This is a central point for Linux related tipsheets, resources and FAQ.

Using Linux


Linux is an operating system that was inspired by UNIX but does not contain any of the proprietary baggage that UNIX operating systems have.

UNIX was/is an operating system that was designed at AT&T's Bell Laboratories in 1969. While that makes UNIX very old by computer standards, it is still popular today because of its power, flexibility, and portability. UNIX can run on platforms ranging from PCs and Macs to Cray supercomputers.

Linux is a combination of two projects: The Linux Kernel, and the GNU Software Project. The kernel is the core of the operating system. It's really what makes Linux Linux. The GNU software part is all the thousands of programs and systems that make the basic operating system usable.  So the correct name for the operating system is GNU/Linux so as to give proper attribution to both projects.

The Math Department uses Ubuntu Linux, and has historically used Debian Linux. Ubuntu is just a polished and repackaged version of Debian.

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