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Math Department Research Server Policy

This is a document we have prepared to establish how using a shared resource such as our servers in a department where others may also be using the same resource.

The Math Department has long relied on what we call the "Politeness" model.  

We don’t put many limits on our users, but instead expect our users to politely use our servers and be respectful of others who are also trying to use the same resource for their work.   This is a common model used at other institutions and if our users learn how to coexist with other users, they can take those habits with them elsewhere after graduation.  This means understanding how much RAM your processes use, taking steps to limit it, and understanding how to nice and renice your processes so they don’t conflict with others.  


In order to try to keep all of our server users able to use the research server, we will be placing limits on the amount of RAM available to each user.   This will allow normal server operating processes to continue to occur.  We may exempt a specific server from this in order to allow those persons with larger RAM needs a place that they can use.  If you believe you are a person who needs this sort of access, please contact the IT Staff.  

There are no easy answers.  Many other institutions have moved towards using scheduling programs that force users to define their resource requirements and schedule specific timing.   While that has certainly been discussed, we would like to try this reminder first.  We should be able to understand the need to coexist with other users on these resources and work to maintain the current model.

The IT staff is happy to discuss your use of the servers.  Data and Software Carpentry classes are offered by ACI to help users learn about writing software. There are research facilitators available for individual consultations.

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