CloudFax - Frequently Asked Questions

This document shares a list of frequently asked questions regarding the CloudFax service.



Is emailing restricted and sensitive data prohibited?

  • There is no university wide policy prohibiting emailing, but individual departmental policies vary and should be followed.
  • This is not an email-to-email solution but rather an email-to-fax or fax-to-email solution.
  • The email component between UW–‍Madison and the CloudFax provider is secure.
  • The fax component between the CloudFax provider and external fax sender/receiver is the same as the currently accepted levels of security.

Is this solution HIPAA, PCI, and SSAE16 compliant?

The Concord system is HIPAA, PCI, and SSAE16 compliant, and any other service being offered will be HIPAA compliant. Learn more.

If used for PCI Compliance/Credit Card Data please consult

Will there be a PHI-secure connection with the email-to-fax server?

My concern is Protected Health Information (PHI). We specifically use a landline-based fax for security reasons. I believe we are discouraged from emailing this sort of thing in general, but especially to those with outside email accounts. Will there be a PHI-secure connection with the email-to-fax server?

  • The email component will only be with the cloud fax provider and will be secure.
  • This is not an email-to-email solution.

Why is CloudFax ideal to handle sensitive data?

Documents sent through CloudFax are not stored in the cloud.

Practice good email and desktop hygiene:

  • If you are scanning to a local desktop folder, ensure it is regularly purged of sensitive documents stored locally in electronic form.
  • If you are scanning to a local desktop folder, ensure it is regularly purged of sensitive documents stored locally in electronic form.
  • The phone scanning app Office Lens allows for direct scanning to OneDrive or Outlook Email. The app deletes the scan after it is sent out, saving a step in the clean up process.

What equipment is supported by sending via TLS?

  • Any MFP purchased under the current state contract is capable of sending via TLS.
  • Many existing MFPs may NOT be configured to send via TLS. Please consult with your local IT staff or the DoIT Help Desk to verify the requirements and configuration of TLS on your MFP or scanner.
  • Most personal or home use scanners are not capable of TLS encryption.
    • You can use the Office Lens App for scanning work documents from your smartphone, at home.

Is the fax data secure in transit between the computer and the printer/MFP?

  • Faxes themselves are insecure. They can be intercepted anywhere between the sender and the receiver.
  • The data transmitted between the scanner or MFP used to digitize a document and the folder or mailbox which receives the scanned document prior to being sent as an electronic fax is most likely secured or encrypted. Be mindful of this when transmitting sensitive data.

Can Concord scan our data?

No. That would require their advanced AI process, which we haven’t purchased. We have a Business Associates Agreement (BAA) with Concord.

Sending & Receiving

Which Office 365 accounts can send a fax?

All faculty, staff, and student employees can be enabled for and send faxes - see CloudFax - Enable Microsoft 365 Account to Send Faxes for further details.

Each fax number is assigned to an Office 365 service account (ex: where inbound faxes are received. This service account can also be used to send a fax if the user has permission to send from the account - see Office 365 - Getting Started with Linking Accounts for further details.

Important: At this time, you cannot send faxes using a service account other than the one connected to receive faxes.

Will our fax number stay the same?

Yes, fax numbers will remain the same.

How will CloudFax change a clinic's workflow ?

Processes for sending or receiving faxes won't change. The difference is that your office would receive emails with the fax attached, not paper faxes on the fax machine.

Is there any change for long distance faxes?


Do the fax emails all look the same?

Yes, right now they all come in as new fax, but show the sending fax phone number, and the subscriber identification (CSID) in the email subject line.

Is dialing still the same?

  • External fax senders will still enter the UW fax number the same. No change.
  • UW fax senders will be required to enter area code plus 7 digit number in the TO: field.
  • UW fax senders will be required to enter country code + area code + 7 digit number in the TO: field for international calls.

How long does it take for the fax to send?

Less than a minute.

What happens to all of our existing numbers?

They are all ported to Concord securely.

Will all fax cover pages need to be viewed to determine who is the recipient?

Yes, just like all faxes now.

Can you fax to international fax numbers?

Yes. If you receive an international fax error when attempting to send, please review the following article for more information: CloudFax - Error Sending International Faxes.

Note: There is a higher cost per page for international faxes based on country. See below for cost breakdown and details.

How will you manage valid fax senders?

We will use Manifest groups to manage valid fax senders - all faculty, staff, and student employees can be enabled for and send faxes - see CloudFax - Enable Microsoft 365 Account to Send Faxes for further details.

When external users send a fax, will anything change for them?

No, there is no change on their side.

Can you attach multiple documents in one fax?

Yes - they will be printed in the order they are attached to the fax email message.

Can you use Mac Mail to send fax messages?

Yes - you can use any email client that can be configured for your Office 365 email account.

Is there a size limit for receiving faxes?

No, there is no size limit for incoming faxes.

Is there a size limit for sending faxes?

The total file size for all included attachments cannot exceed 20MB.

Note - see Office 365 attachment size limits.

What are the supported file types for attachments?

  • Microsoft Word (*.doc, *.docx)
  • Microsoft Excel (*.xls, *.xlsx)
  • Microsoft Power Point (*.ppt, *.pptx)
  • Microsoft Visio (*.vsd)
  • HyperText Markup Language (*.html, *.mhtml)
  • Adobe Acrobat (*.pdf)
  • TIFF image (*.tif)
  • ASCII Text (*.txt)
  • Rich Text (*.rtf)
  • JPEG (*.jpg) files are also generally supported, though not recommended, and not supported in all circumstances.

Can I receive an alert when a fax is received in my service account?

No, but a workaround would be to add the Office 365 service account's Inbox as a favorite in your Outlook client.

Learn more:

Will a cover page automatically generate when sending a fax?

Yes, if you want it to.

  • If you enter text in the body of the email, the fax service will generate a cover page.
  • The text entered in the body of the email will populate the message of the cover page.
  • The text entered in the subject line of the email will populate in the Regarding: section of the cover page header.
  • View the default cover page here.
  • If you do not want the fax service to generate a cover page, then do not include text in the body of your email and make sure your auto-signature is removed.

Will the sender be notified that the fax has been deleted?

No, a notification will not be sent if a fax is deleted from the sender or recipient side.

If my account is not enabled to send a fax, will it fail?

Yes. You will receive an email indicating, "There was a problem with your fax request, unauthorized sending email address." See complete list of error messages.

Fax account

How do I setup a new fax account/number or migrate my existing number into the service?

Please use the following form to submit a request for a new fax number or migration:

Will there be just one email account connected to our fax number?

Yes, one fax number corresponds to one service account.

Is there a limit to the number of accounts which can access a service account?

There is no hard limit to the number of people who can be added/linked to a service account.

Who sets up the accounts?

DoIT will do this all initially, and service account owners/authorized admins can manage who is linked to the service account.

Can we use a service account we already have?

Yes. Any Office 365 service account can be connected to a fax number.

What is the cost to use the CloudFax service?

Free, until 2022.

In 2022, the actual costs will be reviewed and a decision will be made if campus will continue to cover the costs or if a chargeback process will be implemented.

The CloudFax service uses an Enterprise Outbound - Unlimited Users account at a cost of $150 per month.

The following is a baseline based on our anticipated pricing tier:

  • Fax number costs $54 a year. (only required for receiving faxes)
  • Fax page costs:
    • $.045 per inbound and outbound page for contiguous USA.
    • $.055 per inbound and outbound page for Canada.
      • View international rates.
      • $.05 per inbound page for all countries.
      • price various per outbound page by country (see pages 5 - 8 for country rate).
    • Fax sender costs $1,800 a year for unlimited fax senders. (not dependent on a fax number).

Can we combine two fax numbers to one service account email address?


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