UW-Madison Zoom - Service Account Request


  1. An existing Microsoft 365 service account.
  2. At least one NetID to link to the requested Zoom service account.
  3. The service account cannot exist in the consumer Zoom space at https://zoom.us. If it does, the account either needs to be deleted or the email address needs to be updated to a non @wisc.edu address.

Important note:

  • Resource accounts are ineligible for a Zoom license and cannot be approved.
  • A maximum of two Zoom service accounts are allowed per department.

Unapproved use cases

The following are some examples of use cases that cannot be approved for a Zoom service account.


1. Unapproved use case: Avoid having an individual schedule multiple events.

Reason: Zoom service accounts are not intended to replace individuals from scheduling meetings and/or webinars with their own netid@wisc.edu UW-Madison Zoom account.

2.  Unapproved use case: Exclusively dedicated for departmental meetings and events.

Reason: Zoom service accounts are not intended to replace individuals from using their netid@wisc.edu UW-Madison Zoom account to host internal/external departmental meetings, student meetings, and presentations.

3.  Unapproved use case: Host ongoing meetings.

Reason: Zoom service accounts are not intended to replace individuals from using their netid@wisc.edu UW-Madison Zoom account to host drop-in sessions (for example: student/advisor).

Recommendation for examples #1-3:

Individuals should use their netid@wisc.edu UW-Madison Zoom account to share scheduling and hosting responsibilities. Below are features that help with scheduling meetings/webinars:

Please note: Service accounts are not approved to replace existing Zoom features such as alternative host, co-host, or schedule privilege that can be used to organize shared hosting and manager roles. 

4.  Unapproved use case: Hide host’s name when scheduling and hosting meetings.

Reason: Zoom service accounts are not intended to be an alternative account for individuals who would like to hide their display name from attendees when scheduling and hosting meetings.

Recommendation for example #4:

You can update your user information such as your name, personal meeting ID, and more by customizing your profile. Please note, Zoom meeting calendar invitations will continue to show your preferred name, but you can still change your display name when hosting a Zoom meeting.

Existing Zoom service accounts

Individuals with an existing service account that was approved before October 26, 2021 may receive a follow-up email notification requesting information about the continued need for the Zoom service account.

Zoom service accounts that are no longer needed will have the Zoom license removed for license recovery purposes. Note, the removal of a Zoom license for a service account does not mean the email service account will be deleted. Removing the Zoom license from the service account will remove the account's access to the UW-Madison Zoom service and it will no longer be an option for login when accessing https://uwmadison.zoom.us. The service account will continue to exist in Office 365.

Zoom Service Account Request

Service accounts may be approved for a Zoom license if the use case meets one of the following criteria:

  1. Used for video conferencing hardware (ex: Polycom, Cisco)
  2. Needed for a shared IT support role (ex: shared account for students supporting the Help Desk)

If your use case meets the criteria above, please complete the Zoom Service Account Request form for review.

Resources for managing Zoom service accounts

Zoom Add-ons

Access a Zoom service account

  1. Go to https://uwmadison.zoom.us.
  2. Authenticate using your NetID credentials.
  3. You’ll be presented with a list of accounts, select the service account.

Manage access to a Zoom service account

  • Contact the authorized or domain administrator of the service account to manage the accounts that can access it via UW-Madison Zoom.
  • Learn how to view linked NetIDs.

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