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Microsoft 365 - Requesting a departmental email address/account/domain

There are times when you need to use an address/account that is not tied to a personal ( account.

Here is listing of address/account types:

  • Service Accounts
  • Alternate addresses
  • Resource Accounts

Learn more about these address/account types.

Important: Only Microsoft 365 email domain and authorized administrators can manage these types of accounts.

Options for obtaining these accounts:

  • Request account from your departmental IT administrator. If your department has a departmental Microsoft 365 email domain such as "", contact your email domain administrator to request a new account or address. If you are unsure whether your department has an Microsoft 365 email domain, or who your domain administrator is, contact the DoIT Help Desk.

    Provide your email domain administrator with the following information
    Login ID this is the unique identifier for the account ( * must be unique within your domain) - it will be the text that appears on the left hand side of the @ sign within the email address
    First Name any first name (this will appear within Global Address List)
    Last Name any last name (this will appear within Global Address List)
    Description Provide details for use of this account.
    Linked NetID(s) These NetIDs will be granted Full Mailbox and Send As permissions over the service account, can access the account in Google Apps, and more. Learn more.
    Administrative Administrator NetID(s) These NetIDs will be granted administrative rights over the service account within Wisc Account Administration site. Learn more.
  • Request an account. If your department does not have a Microsoft 365 email domain, you may request accounts in the generic "" email domain. Important: only faculty/staff are allowed to make this request - Emeriti/alumni cannot make this request. Follow these instructions to request a Service Account, Alternate Address, or Resource account.

  • Request a custom/vanity alternate address. In some cases, it is possible to obtain a departmental address of the form "" as an Alternate Address tied to a Service Account. See this document for requirements on these custom addresses or to submit a request.

  • Request a new email domain to create accounts in. M365 and linked services can only support a limited number of email domains. New domain requests involve a technical consultation to better understand the underlying workflow requirements and a review of alternative solutions. All domain request require approval from UW-Madison's Microsoft 365 leadership and may be denied.

Requesting a new email domain:

Student organizations who would like an email domain should contact the help desk for further assistance - do not submit your request through the process below.

Some reasons to not request a new email domain:

  • If you are looking for a website, do not use these steps and instead, go to the following article:
  • M365 Groups are a frequently overlooked option that allow you to create custom branding and provide flexible access to shared resources such as an Outlook inbox, calendar and document library. see Microsoft 365 - Getting Started with Groups
  • Unlike accounts within the domain, you will be responsible for administering the domain and all of the accounts within your domain. This includes:
    • Understanding email authenticity concepts such as SPF, DKIM and DMARC.
    • Creating Service Accounts and Resource Accounts within the domain.
    • Maintaining and troubleshooting linked account access.
    • Creating and assigning alternate email addresses.

To request a new domain

  1. Go to Wisc Account Administration Site.
  2. You will be presented with the request domain form:

    request domain form

    Enter the required data (including any special request within the comments field).

  3. Click Request Domain button.

    A mail/calendar administrator will contact you within a couple of business days.

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