Wisc Account Admin Site - Domain Admin API - Getting Started

This doc will explain how to get started working with the Domain Admininstration API for administering your domain(s).

Obtaining Credentials

Follow the instructions in this document to request credentials for administering your domain(s) with the Domain Admin API: Wisc Account Admin Site - Administer your domain using the REST API

After your request is received, you may be contacted regarding your intended usage of the API. Once approved, a strong credential will be generated and shared with the requester. Store these credentials securely! They allow full access to your email domain(s). Please notify the Office 365 team when you have store the credentials and they will be deleted to prevent unintended access.

Accessing the API

The API endpoint is located at https://email.wisc.edu/domainadmin.json. HTTP Basic authentication is required, using the credentials that were provided to you.

All actions are called using HTTP POST or GET and will return a JSON response. Each request must include action=[method_name] and the required parameters for that method. You can find up-to-date documentation for the methods, parameters, and return values in the Wisc Account Admin Site. After logging in, select your domain, then choose Domain Admin API from the Domain Administration drop-down menu.

Usage and Support

Fundamental support for the Domain Admin API is limited. The expectation is that the requester should be familiar with leveraging REST or REST-like APIs. If you have questions or feedback about the functionality of the API, please open a case with the DoIT Help Desk.

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