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Microsoft 365 - Teams Meeting Recording Expiration Process

When a meeting is recorded, it will automatically be stored within OneDrive or SharePoint depending on the type meeting it originated from.

Why are recordings set to expire (get deleted)?

Due to recent Microsoft changes related to OneDrive/SharePoint quota limits, Teams recordings are now subject to expiration policy.

When will this process be implemented?

November 27, 2023

What about records retention?

  • Records are retained based on content not format. Teams must be aware of the records retention schedules which apply to the type of record they are creating.
  • If you don't need to record it, don't record it.
  • If you have detailed meeting minutes and/or agendas, those documents can replace a recording of the meeting and the recording then does not need to be retained. If decisions made during the meeting are recorded in the written record, the recorded meeting does not need to retained.
  • If you are unsure of the record schedule that applies to your Team, please contact UW Records Management

Will my previous recordings fall under this process/policy?

No. Any recordings prior to the implementation date above will not have an expiration date - but you can assign an expiration date manually to them. Any new recording after the implementation date will now have an expiration date assigned.

How long before a meeting recording is set to expire (get deleted)?

Meeting recordings will expire (get deleted) 30 days after creation.

Where will the recording go when deleted?

The deleted recordings will be moved to the 'Recycle bin' within OneDrive/SharePoint.

What happens when a recording is deleted?

The account which deleted the recording will receive an email when the recording is deleted - for recordings within a Teams group channel, all owners of the Group/Team will receive the email notification. You will be able to follow the instructions within the email to restore the deleted recording. If you do not have the email, you can go to the Recycle bin to restore the recording.

Note: If the deleted meeting recording originated from a group/teams channel, all owners of the group/teams will receive the email notification and will have the ability to restore it.

Who can restore the recording after it has been deleted?

The recording can only be restored by the owner of the group (if created within a group/teams channel or a member associated with the calendar invitation) or the individual who recorded it (created within a calendar meeting/invite or a teams meeting owned by an individual).

I'm not seeing a recording that expired in my Recycling bin, what should I do?

  • Check where/who recorded the meeting.
  • If in a group/teams channel and you are an owner of the group/teams, go to the teams channel > go to SharePoint > go to Recycling bin > restore
  • If you are not an owner, contact the owner to search for the meeting recording.

How long before a recording is permanently deleted from the Recycle bin?

30 days. Once a recording (or any file) is expunged from the Recycle bin, it can no longer be restored.

When a recording is restored from Recycle bin, what will the expiration period be?

It will not be subject to the expiration policy.

Can I change the expiration period?

Yes. To change the expiration period, click on the message below the recording that says "This recording is set to expire, View or change the expiration date here" click the here > It will take you to the video > you are then able to change the expiration period under the meeting title.

If the meeting has been recovered and you would like to change the period you are only able to set an expiration date. 

Image recording showing expiration setting

Click on 'No expiration' link and select the desired expiration.

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