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Microsoft 365 - Requesting a account

The domain is used when departments without their own Office 365 domain would like to have a single e-mail account instead of requesting and managing an entire domain. The request form for accounts can be accessed here: Request a Mailplus Account.

This document provides an overview of the fields included in the account request form for the domain and how to best fill them in.

  • Your Name: Enter your full name here. 
  • Your E-mail Address: Enter your contact e-mail address here. 
  • Your NetID: Enter your NetID here. Please make sure that it is correct.
  • Check NetID: Click this button (located next to the your NetID) to validate your account - the fields below will not be active until you have completed this step.
  • New Account Username: Enter the left hand side of the address you would like to request. For example, if you would like the address "" simply enter "testaccount". 
  • New Account First Name: Enter the first name that you would like to display in the "From:" field when sending e-mails from this account via the Web Client.
  • New Account Last Name: Enter the last name that you would like to display in the "From:" field when sending e-mails from this account via the Web Client.
  • Type: review account types - note: you may need to click on Check NetID button located next to your NetID to populate the "Type" select box:
  • For Service Accounts only (optional settings):
    • Forward: If you want e-mail sent to this address forwarded to another account please specify the account here.
    • Linked NetID(s): These NetIDs will be granted Full Mailbox and Send As permissions over the service account, can access the account in Google Apps, and more. further details.
    • Authorized Administrator NetID(s): These NetIDs will be granted administrative rights over the service/resource account. further details.
  • Comments: Please put any additional information/requests into this field. This can include:
    • NetIDs of additional users you would like to have linked to the account.
    • Any other additional requests not covered in the rest of the form.
If you have any questions or run into any issues using the form, or would like changes made to a current account, please e-mail

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