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CloudFax - Technical Considerations for Configuring a Scanner or MFP

This document details the technical requirements for setting up a scanner or multi-function printer (MFP) for use with UW-Madison’s CloudFax service.


  1. To set up your scanner or MFP to send email in a secure way, you will first need to request an SMTP relay for the device.

  2. Once you've been notified that your SMTP relay request has been approved, you may use the information under “Set Up” in the KB document from Step 1 to configure your scanner or MFP to use to send email. Please note the following setup and use requirements:
    • Your scanner or MFP must be configured to require a secure connection via TLS if it is to be used with the CloudFax service.

      • For example, when configuring your device’s outgoing email settings, you may see a checkbox to enable/disable the setting similar to: “Always use a secure connection (SSL/TLS).” Please consult the vendor-provided documentation for your specific device for more information.

    • Local storage of the scanner or MFP must be purged daily.

    • The From: address you configure your scanner or MFP to use when sending email must be a valid email address in UW-Madison’s Office 365 system.


Any storage location (e.g. shared drive, computer/device hard drive) to which a scanner or MFP has been configured to send scanned documents should be secured with password protection and encryption. When the data is no longer needed, it should be purged.

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