Manifest - Release Features

This document provides details on the Manifest feature releases.

  • Added ability to add multiple entityIDs on the group delivery page
  • Fixed issue with large groups
  • Users now see a banner each time Manifest is updated
  • Group management tools now allow for removal of immediate privileges on folders and groups you manage
  • Scrolling fixed on approval pages
  • Groups that allow external invites can no longer add another group to their group. Recommended way is to have a dedicated group for external invites, and add your external invite group to the final group that is being delivered
  • Export members now shows additional information about immediate members in your group
  • Pressing next page on groups screen now scrolls you back to the top of the page
  • Ability to have newlines in the description field for a group
  • When adding a group to a group, the complete path of the group is now shown in the drop down instead of just the name of the group to help avoid confusion
  • Improved wording on invitations tab to lessen confusion
  • Folder details now show the complete group id path
  • Fixed a bug relating to services tab
  • Group ID now preserves case and includes the option to convert it to all lower case or all upper case
  • Folder ID now preserves case and includes the option to convert it to all lower case or all upper case
  • Small UI appearance improvements
  • Composite groups now show the two groups that make them up plus how they are joined (intersection or minus)
  • My folders page now shows subfolders in a more logical ordering / display
  • Show what groups make up a composite group
  • Member search for all groups you manage/administer
  • Expiration dates now editable
  • Comments on memberships
  • Version/release date tag now at the bottom of the page
  • Direct entry of Group path or URL now allowed in the box on the side
  • Fixed a few typos
  • Sub folder creation is now available for any user to create sub folders in their existing folders
  • Fixed bug relating to tooltip text
  • Better error message when visiting a deleted group
  • Invite UI now accepts all standard email formats
  • If a group is “Can Create NetID” it can no longer add other groups as members to avoid an unintentional population gaining a new identity
  • Option to un-hide a group that was set to private added
  • Export Members feature is not usable by managers/updaters of a group – not just administrators
  • Fixed IE11 compatibility mode not showing groups
  • No longer allows you to try to add a group to itself
  • Tool tips for when a member was added when you hover over the member
  • Tab order fixed on the create group screen
  • Changed Manifest to display preferred name where available
  • Added comma between Last and First name to avoid confusion in how names are displayed
  • Net-ID fixed to NetID to reflect proper display
  • Fixed browse folders tree to not reset on each page
  • Fixed Browse folders to show all folders (previously limited to 25 groups)
  • Date changed to require a strictly a date and not allow you to enter anything in
  • Privileges tab was not being displayed if there was not an actual person with a privilege…e.g. if there was only other groups driving privileges. Fixed
  • Select all option added within group member management
  • List of groups shown under groups tab under My Folders was limited to 25 items. Fixed
  • Added requirement for at least two contacts for every group
  • Allow non-URL SAML2 entity IDs (previously required it was a URL)
  • Relaxed restrictions on group names
  • Improved help text in the ? boxes
  • Fixed case sensitivity in the member sort/list

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