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Problem: How can I add extra credit to a student's grade?

The Moodle gradebook provides a feature for extra credit that teachers award points on assignments without penalizing them for not completing the item or meeting the item's maximum score.

When using extra credit in Moodle, there are two main ways to go about implementing it. One way is to set up a sub-category for all extra credit items within a category. For example, if your gradebook has a homework category and students will have extra credit homework opportunities, create a sub-category in your "Homework" category and place the extra credit homework assignments in the sub-category. The other way is to just manually make grade items and then retroactively edit their settings to make the item itself extra credit.

Using an Extra Credit Subcategory

  1. First navigate to the Gradebook by selecting Grades under the Administration block
  2. Next, select Gradebook setup under the dropdown that most likely reads "Grader Report" and click the Add category button at the bottom of the page.
Extra Credit

3. In the new category's settings (seen below), give the category a name. Next, select "Mean of grades (with extra credits)" from the   "Aggregation" drop-down menu. Other aggregations will not calculate extra credit correctly.

    Extra Credit 2

4. Finally, select the appropriate parent category from the last drop-down menu on the page and click the Save changes button.

You should now have returned to the "Categories and Items" page. Once you add items to the extra credit category, they will have a number field in their settings that will allow you to use an extra credit multiplier (keep in mind that this value may only show up once the item is in the category). The value in this field acts as a weight for the item when calculating the category's total. Finally, adjust the extra credit category's total to fit its parent category.

Using extra credit in the grade item itself

  1. Navigate to the "Categories and items" page in your gradebook using the process described above.
  2. Next to the "Add Category" button there is another button to that says "Add grade item". Use this button.
  3. Adjust the settings for the grade item so that it behaves the way you want it to. Make sure the item is in the correct category.
  4. After you create the grade item, find it on the "Categories and items" page and edit the settings by clicking "Edit" on the row it's in.
  5. There should be a checkbox near the bottom of the settings for the item that denotes extra credit. Check this box and the item will behave as extra credit.

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