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Problem: How do I properly weight my grades according to my syllabus?

Grade breakdowns in course syllabi generally indicate how categories of graded material (exams, homework, projects, etc...) will contribute to a students overall grade. These breakdowns are generally given as a percentage of the total grade or a certain number of points. This article will help you to setup the Moodle gradebook to achieve the grade breakdown as specified by your syllabus.

1. To ensure correct calculation for each portion of a student's grade, it is best to use 'Categories' when organizing the gradebook. 'Categories' allow for several grades of a single type of material (e.g. homework, quizzes, etc.) to all be graded the same way. 'Categories' also allows the user to set how much a single category contributes to the final grade. To start editing 'Categories' in your gradebook, click Grades in the administration block, then in the drop down that reads 'Grader Report'  click on Gradebook setup.

Weighted 1

2. For each major type of graded material make a new category. To make a new category, scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Add Category' and configure the category as desired. This process is easiest if you have a detailed rubric of grading breakdowns beforehand.

Weighted 2

If your grading breakdown consists of more specific details with each type of graded material (e.g. quizzes --> pre-lab quizzes, weekly discussion quizzes...) you can create sub-categories by simply making sure the parent category is specified correctly when creating a new category. To move graded items into a category select each item you wish to move using the the check boxes on the side of each item. Then, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the correct category on the 'Move selected items to' drop-down menu.

Weighted 3

After each category (and sub-category) has been created now it is time to specify how much each category contributes to the students' final grade. For the most-encompassing category (the total grade category), set the aggregation to 'Weighted mean of grades'. After setting this, there should be a box to type in the weight for each category. In this box, type in as a percentage (for 30% type 30) that category's contribution to the final grade. To ensure that the final grade is calculated correctly make sure that all the weights add up to 100.

Moodle also allows for weights to be given to individual assignments if desired. Once all the categories have the correct weight associated with it, your gradebook should have the correct grade breakdown according to your syllabus.

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