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Moodle - Logging in and Creating a Course

Logging in and creating a course with UW-Madison Moodle service

Logging in and creating a course: getting oriented with Moodle (UW-Madison Moodle)

Note: First see Moodle - Self service course creation for the list of departments for which self service course creation is available.  If your department is not listed in that document, then you will need to contact your local moodle support person to create your course.  For your local contact, see Moodle - UW-Madison Support Contacts .

The UW-Madison Moodle service provides two servers to host courses.  The standard server is used for most of the courses.  It provides popular and commonly used functionality.  It also provides some locally-created modules that have been requested and fully tested for use by the UW-Madison community.  The URL for the standard server is  There is also a second server at  This server provides plugins for pilot testing.  

The UW-Madison Moodle website is located at  It provides categories for the participating schools, colleges, and departments.  Log in by navigating to your course title or use a Login link.  Use your NetID and password to log into Moodle. In certain instances, Moodle-only accounts or Guest access may be granted.

Moodle webpage

Once logged in, you'll see your current semester courses.  Some extra functionality is found in the blocks at the margins. One of these functions is course creation, found in the Settings block under Site administration -> Courses -> Create a new UW course.  Using this link, faculty can quickly create their own courses, associate rosters, and retrieve course archives.

My Moodle Home page

Creating a Course

1. To create a course click the Create a new UW course link.   Select the appropriate semester from the “Term” drop-down menu and click Next.

Moodle term selection

2. On the next page, you should see your Timetable courses in the box on the right. You can add additional courses by clicking the Search for a course button below the course listing box. Select the desired section(s) in the box on the right and click the Add button to move them to the "Associations in this course" (left box).  Click Next to continue. 

If you're creating a course that doesn't have an associated roster, just click Next without doing anything.  You'll be asked to confirm the absence of a timetable mapping.  Click Yes when prompted.

Note: If your course roster is not available, the Moodle administrator must request access to roster data for that course or department. Contact the Moodle administrator for your server with the course and section information you need.

Moodle timetable course

3. Once you have selected your sections to associate with this Moodle course, you are given the opportunity to import course content from one of your previous semester courses. The system will try to find your previous semester's version of the course and list it first. Otherwise, you can search to find the past course you want to import content from.

Click the radio button of the desired course and then click Next.  If this is a new course, just click Next right away to get a blank course.

4. If you've imported an archived course, you'll have the chance to adjust some basic settings like start date and whether the course is visible or not.  Click Create Course to finish the process.

Your course may not be ready immediately.  When it is ready, you'll receive an email message.  Until then the course will be listed on the Moodle as "In progress".  If you've added rosters to your course, they also may take a short time to be updated. 

For troubleshooting techniques on Creating a Course see Problems Creating a Course.

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