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Dynamic Parameters

An overview of Dynamic Parameters that was rolled out in 2020.


Tableau version 2020 has introduced Dynamic Parameters. In this quick demo, I will demonstrate an example.

In the past, we had to reload parameters every time underlying data changed, and additional choices were available. With new update, we can set parameter up to load whenever the data refreshes.

The new version includes two main improvements:

1.      Under “Properties”, a value can be dynamically set to be loaded at the time of data refresh

2.      Under “List of Values”, the values can be dynamically loaded when data refreshes

Here is a more detailed explanation on how they work (for full screenshot of the differences, please look at the Index section at the end of this guide).



1.    Properties > Value when Workbook Loads

When creating/editing a parameter, under “Properties”, you can pick what the parameter should default to when workbook opens:

Value when workbook loads

The dynamic value should be the same data type as the list of values.

The way we can set it up is to use a field with one single value. This will make it appear under the dropdown containing potential choices for default value.

NOTE: This field doesn’t have to be set dynamically. This is just an option available to us.

2.    List of values > When workbook opens

There are two options: Fixed and When workbook opens. Just a note that he list can still be entered manually.


This keeps the same functionality as old versions.

When workbook opens

This is the new dynamic way of rendering list values. All fields that match the data type are going to be available for creating the dynamic list.

When workbook option picked


One scenario is to load a map. Have a parameter with all the available options on the map and have it set to region with highest profit as the defaulted selected item. This will get the region highlighted on the map.

The highest profited region is a calculated field which is created based on an LOD (Level of Detail).

In the following screenshot, the highest profit at the time of data reload belonged “West” which is selected by default and highlighted on the map:

Map example view



Dynamic Parameter 2020


Fixed parameter 2019

Example setup:

Example setup

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