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Modification of specification without any tied visualization - Step by Step

This document details how to make a change request on an existing specification in Data Cookbook that do not belong to a visualization.

Navigate to

Find your specification through the search field near the top of the page (the search results will be returned for both: Definitions and Specifications)

Open the Specification you are modifying and on top click “Request a change” link:

Request a Change link

The Change request window does not need to be filled. Just click “Save”:

Change request window

This will set the status to “In Development” (#1 in image below).

If any of the fields needs to be modified:

  • If the field has the icon (see #2 in image below) beside it, it can be edited by clicking the icon. For example, “functional areas” (see #2 in image below).
  • Otherwise, you will need to click the “Edit” button (see #3 in image below)

In Development fields

If you need to modify Definitions, then from the top tabbed menu bar, choose “Definitions” (#4 in image below). You will be taken to the following screen:

Modify definition page

  • You can here remove any definitions by clicking the “Remove” link of that definition (#5 in image above)
  • You can add an existing definition by clicking the “Select a Definition” dropdown (#6 in the image). This field is also searchable. After finding and choosing your definition, you will need to click the “Add to Specification” button to add it to specification.
  • If a definition doesn’t exist, you can click the “create a new definition” link (#7). Follow this link for the “How to create a new Definition” KB.
  • If the order of definitions matter, you can click and hold the handle on the far right hand side of the definition and drag it to the desired position (#8)

After changes are made, scroll down to the comment section, and add this information there:

  • Indicate if publication or modification request
  • Explain changes made (ex: add year of data, fix/add functionality, etc.)
  • Explain any deviations from standard permissions, user capabilities or report guidelines

Then click the “Send to Data Governance” button on top right hand side of the screen:

Send to Data Governance button

This will send it to reviewers. From this stage on, you are only able to add comments. You are not able to do any edits.

This is the workflow in diagram:

Review Diagram

Activating your specification should be the last step. 

RADAR picks up the changes overnight.

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