1. Printing Tableau Dashboards and Workbooks
  2. Saving Custom Views in Tableau
  3. Sharing Tableau Workbooks and Dashboards
  4. Quick Reference for Using Institutional Tableau Workbooks
  5. Pivot Tables: Advanced Techniques in Excel
  6. Excel vLookup: Combining 2 Spreadsheets
  7. Exporting Tableau Data into Excel
  8. Using UW-Madison's Tableau Server
  9. Using the Repository of Administrative Dashboards and Reports (RADAR)
  10. Using 2 Tableau Workbooks to Pull Data
  11. Signing In to View Institutional Tableau Workbooks
  12. Pivot Tables: Refresh Data in Excel
  13. Getting Started with Sorting, Drilling Down and Filtering Data
  14. Pivot Tables: Transform Exported Data in Excel