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Choral audition information


Choral auditions occur once a year, at the start of the fall semester.  Students will remain in their assigned choir for the duration of the Fall and Spring Semesters.  Students wishing to join choir in the Spring will have the opportunity to schedule an audition on an individual basis. 

Who Auditions: 

Auditions are required for all students wishing to participate in choirs, regardless of major, or past UW – Madison choral participation.  

All students will be given the opportunity to perform in a choir.  

Audition Materials: 

Auditions will consist of the following elements: 

  • A series of vocal warm-ups and exercises to determine vocal timbre and range.  

  • A brief prepared melody, such a ‘My Country ‘Tis of Thee’. 

  • This will be provided in advance, and available in multiple keys so it can be sung in the most comfortable range 

  • A brief sight-reading exercises.  

Suggestions for Preparation 

  • Perform the excerpt for other people before your audition. Ask them for  


  • Communicate musically—idiomatically, expressively, and with musicality. 

  • Perform to your own high standards. Don’t second-guess yourself or assume how 

the judges may want something performed. Remember: we want you to do your best and succeed. 

Day of Audition 

  • Give yourself plenty of time before your audition—wake up early, eat a meal,  

allow travel time, find the right room, warm up, etc. 

  • There will be warm-up space available at the audition location. 

  • Avoid fatigue—do not over practice; but do ensure you are adequately warmed- up. 

  • Stay calm and have fun.  Enjoy your performance! 

The Audition Process 

  • Arrive early and check in with the proctor on arrival.  Allow adequate time to get checked in and warmed up. 

  • Leave your coat, bags, etc. outside the audition room.  

  • A proctor will escort you into the audition room. 

  • Choir auditions are not blind—you will be able to see and interact with the judge.  

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