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MyUW - Searching and Customizing MyUW Homepage

Welcome to MyUW! This is a guide to using MyUW, searching for apps, and editing your homepage.

MyUW Madison can be accessed at via NetID login.
MyUW System can be accessed at, where you will be prompted to select your campus and use your campus's login information.


The default tiles on your homepage contain useful information and links for applicants, students, employees, and more.

MyUW-Madison Homepage image with 8 examples tiles displaying

Use the hamburger menu button at the top left of your screen to open the sidebar to browse apps, view notifications, and toggle tile size.

Sidebar menu with options to browse apps, see notifications, see version or About information, and change tile size

Search for Apps

If you want to find additional tiles to add to your homepage, search with keyword(s) in the Search bar at the top of your homepage.

The keyword search is case sensitive, so searching with fewer letters or words could produce more results. For example, searching name, produces 4 apps while search names produces 0 results.

MyUW application search bar

The search will display results from within MyUW and the campus directory. Click on a result to access it.

For results within MyUW, you can also Add to home or view more Details. Adding an app to your homepage will make it easier to access for future use.

"google apps" search results in MyUW

In addition to using MyUW, you can search for campus resources, events, and news at

Customize your Homepage

Expanded or Compact Mode

In the sidebar, select Change tile size to toggle between Expanded mode and Compact Mode.

"Change tile size" option in MyUW homepage sidebar

Comparison of expanded vs compacted mode views
Expanded Compact
Expanded mode uses a large icon for each app in MyUW, many of which are widgets that display additional information, allowing you to access more directly from your homepage. Compact mode uses smaller icons, so more apps can fit on your screen. However, in this mode no additional information will be displayed and each app will need to be accessed individually.
Expanded Tile image of Learning and Talent Development, Payroll, Zoom and Email List services with multiple icons and links on each tile Compact tile mode image of Learning and Talent Development, Payroll, Zoom and Email List Services with only one icon and link per tile

Move Tiles

Drag and Drop tiles to change their order.

Clicking, dragging, and dropping a MyUW tile in a new location

Remove Tiles

To remove a tile, hover the mouse cursor over it and select the X icon.

Hover mouse over MyUW tile to show "x" in upper right corner to remove app from your MyUW homepage

Add More Tiles

To browse a list of available apps in MyUW, select Browse Apps in the sidebar or scroll to the end of your homepage and click Add to home to find more apps.

"Add to home" prompt with large plus sign icon

Need Help?

For self-service help with MyUW, please refer to the MyUW Madison - Login, Access, and Troubleshooting

For further assistance with MyUW issues or help finding what you need, please contact the DoIT Help Desk.

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