MyUW - Expanded and compact widget modes

The MyUW home page displays in either of two modes: compact and expanded. You can switch between these modes as much as you like.

The modes

Expanded mode

Expanded mode shows widgets as larger custom tiles, or as a larger name-and-icon click target when there's no custom tile for a particular app.

Screenshot showing a few representative expanded mode widgets

See [Link for document 51573 is unavailable at this time.].

Compact mode

The simple, minimal mode called "compact" just shows icons and app names, ready for launching.

Screenshot showing the widgets in compact mode

Switching modes

The mode toggle

In the MyUW hamburger menu...

Screenshot showing the MyUW hamburger menu at upper left of the screen

... there is a Change tile size menu item that switches between the widget modes.

Screenshot showing the change tile size menu item in the left-hand hamburger menu

Remembering your preference

MyUW guesses at the best default widget mode the first time it sees a particular browser. After that, and whenever you express a preference, MyUW stores that preference into your web browser's local storage. The preference is re-applied on subsequent logins to MyUW.

This preference is browser-specific, not user-account-specific. It's stored in your browser, not on the server. This means that you can prefer to use MyUW in compact mode on your smart phone but in expanded mode in your desktop browser, for instance.

Some browsers have privacy modes or otherwise can be configured such that they do not support local storage. In this case MyUW will be unable to store your preference.

What is an expanded mode representation of a widget?

An expanded mode representation of a widget is a small box of content associated with a within-MyUW app or an external website or web application.

These can be simple links that are the same for everyone:

Screenshot of Google Apps custom expanded widget showing its four links

Or dynamic content reflecting the viewer’s data:

Weather expanded widget showing Madison weather.

In any case expanded mode widgets are something richer than the default representation that is merely the widget name and icon as a large clickable surface for launching the content:

Screenshot of Student Center widget showing it is just an icon and text.

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