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Universities of Wisconsin - Login Credentials for Each Campus (Wisconsin Federation)

Some applications allow users from various Universities of Wisconsin campuses to login using their campus login credentials via Wisconsin Federation, an authentication and authorization framework. This document outlines the campus credentials used by Wisconsin Federation, with links provided to the campus website describing the ID (where available). If you are having any problems logging in, you should contact your campus' local help desk first: see UW System - IT Help Desks Contact Information.

UW-Eau Claire

UW-Eau Claire users authenticate using their campus network username.

Your username is the same as the first part of your email address. Typically, it is the first six letters of your last name followed by your first and middle initials. For example, if your name is Jane M. Doe, your username would be doejm and your email address would be


UW-Extension users authenticate using their UW-Extension ID and email password.

The username is the same as the beginning of the corresponding email address. If your email address is or, your username would be jane.doe or doeja012345 respectively.

UW-Green Bay

UW-Green Bay users authenticate using their campus username.

Faculty and staff account usernames consist of the first seven characters of their last name and their first initial. (There are occasional exceptions to this syntax.)

Student account usernames consist of the first four characters of their last name, their first and middle name initials, and the two-digit day of the month that they were born.

UW-Independent Learning

When you register for an Independent Learning Canvas course, your username is sent via e-mail within a business day. A temporary password is also sent, but you are required to change it upon your first log-in.

  • If you know your username, you may be able to reset your password in the password portal by clicking "Forgot Password" and following the prompts.
  • If you do not remember your username, please reach out to the Independent Learning Tech Support team by filling out their help request form.

UW-La Crosse

UW-La Crosse users authenticate using their UW-L NetID username and password. UW-La Crosse users can manage their NetID password at


UW-Milwaukee users authenticate using their ePantherID.

The ePantherID is assigned upon account activation


UW-Madison users authenticate using their NetID.

A NetID is your username which allows access to University services, such as email, MyUW, calendaring, student records, payroll information, etc. Your NetID is randomly generated from University records and typically includes some combination of your first, middle, and last name.


Depending on which application they are attempting to use, UW-Oshkosh users may authenticate using one of three credentials:

  • NetID: This credential would be used for logging into computer labs on campus, WiFi, D2L, Housing Portal, My-UWO, and other campus websites.
    • The default NetID scheme is: First 5 letters of your Last Name + First letter of First Name + last 2 digits of your Student ID number.
  • TitanApps Username: This allows access to Email, Calendar, and Drive.
    • This credential is: NetID +
  • TitanWeb User ID: This credential is used for logging into TitanWeb in order to register for classes, check grades, pay tuition, manage financial aid, and view STAR reports and transcripts.
    • The scheme for this credential is: Capital W + 7-digit Student ID

Students who have forgotten or misplaced their Student ID must contact the UW-Oshkosh Help Desk.


UW-Parkside users authenticate using their email user ID.


UW-Platteville users authenticate using their NetID.

UW-River Falls

UW-River Falls users authenticate using their Falcon Account.

Your Falcon Account gives you access to many important University computer resources. Whether you are an employee or student, these computer resources are essential to your University experience.

UW System Administration

UW System Administration users authenticate by using their Email ID (the part of their email address before the '@' symbol), and their password.

UW Stout

UW-Stout users authenticate using their Email Username.

Your default email username is usually your last name followed by the first initial of your first name (i.e. John Smith's username would be smithj).

UW-Stevens Point

UW-Stevens Point users authenticate using their UWSP Logon ID.

Faculty/Staff email and network accounts are created automatically when a department adds a new employee to their department listing in the Campus Information Maintenance System. Your logon ID is generally the first letter of your first name and the first seven letters of your last name.

Students must activate their accounts before they can begin accessing UWSP resources.


UW-Superior users authenticate using their campus User ID (E-Hive User ID).


UW-Whitewater users authenticate using their Net-ID.

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