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Human Resources - Honorary Fellows

This document outlines the implementation of NIPP 4.12., "Nelson Institute Honorary Fellows."

Nelson Administrative Process

To initiate or extend an honorary fellow appointment, business managers should work with the faculty member sponsoring the appointment to obtain the candidate's CV and a description of the duties and the purpose of the appointment. These items should be sent to the Associate Dean for Administration for review who will notify the business manager whether the appointment is approved.

Upon approval, the business manager will contact a representative from the Administrative Services Unit (ASU). ASU will enter the appointment in JEMS Hire, create an offer letter, and send the offer letter to the new fellow.

Honorary appointments can be renewed for a subsequent one-year term. In Spring, an ASU representative will run a report to identify fellows with expiring terms and contact the business manager to determine whether any appointments should be extended. The above procedures will be followed for renewals.