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ASM Appreciates University's Decision to Close

Posted: 2019-01-30 10:22:22   Expiration: 2040-02-06 10:22:22

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As of 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday, January 29, University of Wisconsin - Madison administration has decided to cancel class and related activities for Wednesday, January 30 because of dangerous weather conditions, with a wind chill expected to drop to minus 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Associated Students of Madison (ASM) appreciates this decision on behalf of university administration, and are glad to know that students’ best interests are being considered in relation to weather and classes. Having a university-wide decision adds much needed certainty to students’ schedules. This is much better compared to the previous arrangement of forcing students to make accomodations with instructors, with only the hope that our needs could be properly met. ASM especially appreciates the decision for the students who are especially impacted by severe weather, including students with disabilities and those who live far away from campus.

With the cancellation of classes and university related activities, all ASM activities and the Student Activity Center will be cancelled/closed in conjunction with the university closure.


Billy Welsh

Chair, Associated Students of Madison

Yogev Ben-Yitschak

Vice-Chair, Associated Students of Madison

-- Associated Students of Madison: Morgan Grunow