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Student Council Meeting: Feb. 27

Posted: 2019-02-27 20:29:16   Expiration: 2040-03-06 20:29:16

The Associated Students of Madison Student Council met on Wednesday, February 27 at 6:30 p.m. For reference, the agenda can be found here.

To begin, the Kia Vang and Pa Kou Xiong from the HMoob American Studies Committee (HMASC) gave a presentation to Student Council on the history of the HMoob population in Wisconsin as well as at the University of Wisconsin - Madison.

While there has been an increase in the HMoob population in the state and at the university, most undergraduates are first generation college students and often take longer than average students to complete degrees.

Additionally, HMASC stated that HMoob students at UW-Madison often feel excluded in the traditional student experience, as well as in curriculum. Currently, three courses are specifically taught on Hmong, and three additional courses briefly touch on Hmong.

The presenters asked Student Council to support the HMASC’s proposal for a HMoob American Studies Certificate program at UW-Madison through legislation titled, “ASM Endorsement for HMASC’s HMoob American Studies Certificate Program Proposal.” This legislation was sponsored by several Student Council Representatives and also calls on ASM to advocate for and connect HMASC to administration.

With a vote of 14-1, the body voted to suspend the rules to allow for debate and a vote on the legislation.

Legislative Affairs Chair Laura Downer proposed an amendment to specify parts of the legislation, including that ASM endorses the certificate program, instead of the proposal, as well as which administration ASM will connect HMASC to and what shared governance committees ASM will call on to support the program as well.

Chair Downer stated that the amendment is “an active charge of the things that we’re committing to doing instead of relying on the things that have already been done.”

The amendment and legislation both passed unanimously.

Additionally, the Nominations Board brought forward nominations for new ASM positions, including Jack Grahek, College of Engineering Student Council representative; Aerin Leigh Lammers, assistant outreach director; Zoey Dlott, Open Seat assistant director; and Tiffany Yang, Student Judiciary general counsel. All appointments were approved by Student Council.

The “Operations Grant Funding Increase” legislation was proposed by Grant Allocation Chair Rebecca Graven in response to a high amount of applications for Operations grants. The legislation calls to transfer $12,500 from the Event Grant fund and $12,500 from the Travel Grant fund to go towards the Operations Grant fund.

The body voted to suspend the rules to allow for a vote. The legislation passed.

Lastly, legislation titled “Establishment of a Mental Health Subcommittee” was introduced to Student Council. The legislation calls on the creation of a subcommittee to allow for a collaborative and inclusive space for any student to work with ASM on mental health issues.

Student Council voted to suspend the rules to allow for a debate and vote on the legislation. The legislation passed unanimously.

Student Council will meet next on March 13 at 6:30 p.m. in the Student Activity Center Hearing Room.

-- Associated Students of Madison: Morgan Grunow